Jussie Smollett Turns Himself in to Police for Staging a Hate Crime | The Daily Show

Jussie Smollett Turns Himself in to Police for Staging a Hate Crime | The Daily Show

Actor Jussie Smollett turns himself in to Chicago police after allegedly staging his own hate crime attack in the hopes of getting a raise for his role on “Empire.”

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75 Responses

  1. ToshPointFro Eats says:

    He is a dang mess ??‍♀️

  2. AfrikanBambaataa says:

    These folks have stop saying “Nigerians”, they’re born in the United States.

    • Eric Hughes says:

      A dog born in a stable isn’t a horse

    • Donald Ernst says:

      Henry R. No, just never really saw a point to comment because of the trolling. It’s just that with all the polarisation about race you would think that people would stop making the distinction of where your ancestors were born when talking about Americans.

    • Alex Monro says:

      +Donald Ernst You do hear Irish American and Italian American though

    • Donald Ernst says:

      @Alex Monro I have, but hardly ever in a negative connotation. When mentioning the European-Americans it’s almost always in a positive or nostalgic way. That was basically the point I tried to make.

    • DANI S says:

      +Eric Hughes and a mentally I’ll racist pretending to be decent isnt a human

  3. ToshPointFro Eats says:

    Subway got free a lil free advertising ?

  4. Coffee & Comics says:

    Saw Fight Club. Understood.
    I am Jesse’s complete lack of surprise.

  5. Stay_at_home_Dad_here says:

    Dave Chappelle needs to hold another racial draft.

  6. tony plow says:

    Jussie will get assaulted in prison for free!

    • J R says:

      There’s a video called “sexual assault of men played for laughs” y’all should check out. Jussie is a garbage person but we gotta stop wishing rape on people acting like it’s a joke. (Edit: “Pop Culture Detective” made the video)

    • Raymel peoples says:

      he will get out he is rich

    • Kai Ro says:

      Right! He thought he enjoyed getting bent over before, now he’s going to be forced to do it, without his consent, daily. Ouch. Then he’ll be released in a couple of years crying rape and no one will care. Idiot. Smh

    • this week our last week says:

      • ᅳ KIMIN. Pedophiles deserve to be assaulted

    • Jamie Ryan Storey says:

      Yay, prison rape jokes. Because those are classy and totally not cheap at all.

  7. KiiBoY AMV says:

    He’s now been promoted to a unemployed bum ???

  8. Jean Vignes says:

    As a victim of a REAL hate crime 37 years ago, this whole incident appalls me. I have done my very best to put it behind me (counseling, self-defense classes, eventually studying martial arts — all in an effort to not let fear get the best of me.) The selfish and casual way this whole debacle was played out tells me that Smollett has no real empathy or compassion for people who are physically attacked by total strangers for no reason, just for looking “different” or acting “different” or being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Being attacked is terrifying and people who are REALLY attacked need the caring and support of the community, not being treated with suspicion, skepticism, or reluctant support. THANKS FOR NOTHING SMOLLETT.

  9. Afam Okafor says:

    These boys are Americans people

  10. Dawit Mulugeta says:

    By the content of his character indeed. Well put Trevor.

  11. Paola Frias says:

    What kind of person does this? Like you’re really making it hard for others by lying

    • Mictla says:

      The same people who plan insurance fraud, kill their partners for life insurance, sue for every little thing……its way to big of a list to be honest.

    • Paola Frias says:

      Mictla I guess that’s true. It’s just sad that he felt the need to do that

  12. KitKat Deaumont says:

    Now ACTUAL victims of hate crimes will have an even harder time coming forward. Thanks Jussie for crying wolf, damn egotistical maniac.

    • gjaddajg says:

      +Omega Mastodon
      “Bro, your white privilege is showing”

      Bro, your delusions are showing.

      There’s no such thing as ‘white privilege’. There _is_ such a thing as black privilege, though. One example would be affirmative action

      Also, even if ‘white privilege’ _was_ a thing, I’m not sure why it’d be showing simply because I stated some facts.

    • Omega Mastodon says:

      +Jalah Johnson Lynching is illegal.

      18 U.S. Code § 16 – Crime of violence
      (a) an offense that has as an element the use, attempted use, or threatened use of physical force against the person or prop­erty of another, or
      (b) any other offense that is a felony and that, by its nature, involves a substantial risk that physical force against the person or property of another may be used in the course of committing the offense.

    • gjaddajg says:

      +Jalah Johnson
      “should lynching not be illegal?”

      It already is, dimwit.

      “Not seeing the problem with them using him as an example to make that illegal”

      It’s already illegal.

      “Whether or not it’s true”

      It’s not true.

      “it doesn’t change the validity of the law”

      The law has no validity. It’s pure politics, propaganda, agenda pushing and virtue signalling.

      “fact that these type of cases happen every day”

      You mean hate crime hoaxes? Yes. They do happen every day. Actual lynchings of black people, whoever: no.

      – A black American is 12 times more likely to kill a white American and 27 times more likely to assault a white American than vice versa.
      – A black American is about 3 times more likely than a white American to commit a hate crime.
      – The fastest growing type of hate crime in America is ‘anti-white’.
      – When accounting for crime, police are more likely to shoot and kill white people than black people.

    • John Pliskin says:

      +gjaddajg poverty leads to crime not the color of your skin, racist pos

    • Maurice Gray says:

      +gjaddajg the fact you say their is no white privilege shows ignorance in your part me personally I’m a mixed American and I seen first hand the privilege you have at even the lower levels o f the economic ladder
      and these statistics are they this year? Because thought history crimes against blacks after slavery were not documented as well as the outlandish laws the blacks had to endure causing a discrepancy in these statistics

  13. Jon CodeLife says:

    He’s mad about his pay?
    Imagine how majority of the American people feel about their pay.

    • Kim Clark says:

      For real i would love to have his paycheck

    • Danny Landrum says:

      IKR…. Half a million / year just wasn’t enough for this privileged clown.

    • Adam Schaeffer says:

      He didn’t do it for a raise, don’t be naive. His long time friend and fellow activist Kamala Harris, now running for President, paid him to arrange the hoax, in order to further her anti-lynching bill into law and give her a rep boost before the election. Where do you think Smollet got $3500 to give to the Nigerians? Harris probably paid him ten times that amount. Unfortunately for her, Smollet is a dipshit and botched the whole job.

    • fattyjaybird says:

      Looks like he’s never done a back breaking, hands aching, feet hurting job in his life… what a pansy

    • Jamie Ryan Storey says:

      If only I could fake a hate crime in order to get a raise.

  14. Anastacia Burns says:

    I knew the thing was fake from the time Jussie reported it. If this had been a true racial attack, he wouldn’t have had a little tiny scratch on his face. This IS Chicago, right? A major city at 2am. No broken bones or swelled up face, no ambulance called either. Did he even go to the emergency room?
    I hope the judge throws the book at this attention whore. I hope he has to pay back every single cent the city paid to investigate this pile of shit. Sorry, but this makes me sick. ?????

  15. Gloria Asante says:

    am really disappointed with jussie Smollett ….i was trying hard not to believe it… this is sad

  16. Vegas242 says:

    I saw someone say on Twitter that stories like these are the exact reason we should believe victims, since if they’re lying their story will fall apart pretty quickly anyway

    • G E. says:

      Not really. This is a completely different case. There is a paper trial. What kind of paper trail would you have for someone who claims they were sexually harassed?

  17. Asking 4 A Friend says:

    When he was a kid I guess nobody ever read him, “The boy who cried wolf.”

    • RagnarTheRed says:

      Well, considering his plan it wouldn’t surprise me if they read it to him over 20 times, he was just too stupid to get it.

      I mean come on, apparently when he got to wherever he was going right after the attack he entered with the noose still around his neck while eating a subway ¬¬

  18. Ruger Shooter says:

    In faking a hate crime he committed a hate crime……..and should be charged

    • aSickSpartan says:

      Ruger Shooter yeeeep

    • Corinne T says:

      Ruger Shooter Very true.

    • Henry R. says:

      There was no identifiable victim of the hate crime. Had there been identifiable suspects I would agree. The only crimes are the false statement and waste of public resources.

    • Orion Foresee says:

      +Henry R. Smollett said it was because he is critical of Trump. So he is placing blame on Trump.

      Not to mention, why can’t the public at large be a victim?

      The dude did something that was causing people to look at Trump supporters as possible criminals. Also, what about the fear that black people and homosexuals felt when they heard someone was randomly beaten up?

  19. Enea Ajibola says:

    I knew something was wrong with the story when they said Nigerians out at 2am in 20 degree wealther

  20. Veezo TV says:


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