Just A Dream – For Christina (Sam Tsui acoustic cover)

Just A Dream – For Christina (Sam Tsui acoustic cover)

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Still in shock from yesterday’s news – the world has lost an incredible talent and a wonderful human being. I am saddened, heartbroken, and all my love and thoughts go out to her family and her fans – And the best way I know how to celebrate Christina’s life and the love she spread is with music – six years ago I recorded this song with Christina and Kurt, and I wanted to dedicate this performance to her now, after she has been taken from us far too soon. Sending you my love, Christina, we will never forget you!

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20 Responses

  1. H.E Mahomie says:

    I’m crying ???

  2. Chanell Bush says:

    I wish what happened to Christina was just a bad dream. I remember when the
    two of you did that cover with Kurt and it was (and still is) the greatest
    thing. I hope you’re doing okay, Sam. My thoughts are with you, her other
    friends, and her family.

  3. SeanTheOriginal says:

    “A YouTube singer was murdered? BETTER CAPITALIZE ON THIS MOMENT BEFORE

  4. MapleAndAnimeCrazy says:

    I could hear her voice singing along with you, Sam. This was beautiful. A
    perfect way to honor her memory.

  5. Larissa Sousa says:

    oh my god, I’m crying so much.Sam, you made a beautiful tribute. All my
    prayers are with her and her family :(

  6. anthony hernandez says:

    Thank you for this, Sam. A lot of people really needed to hear this. The
    cover you did with her is still one of my all-time most loved songs.
    Christina showed what you can accomplish with hard work. She was my role
    model in the music industry and I miss her dearly. This also really helped
    with a bit of closure. It really meant a lot to me.

  7. Starhorse12Channel says:

    I’ve been sad and in emotional denial and this sent me over the edge. I’m
    finally crying. it’s so weird to be so attached but when you watch someone
    grow up and grow in their career… you can’t help but hurt. she was
    genuinely sweet and amazing! the lives she touched the humour, oh how I
    wish their was more above all that is random!

  8. ksPHE HD says:

    Gonna miss AATIR vids with Sarah :'(

  9. Jesse Raqueno says:

    #RIP Christina ❤️ #TeamGrimmie

  10. 【FMV】 says:

    Cried so fucking hard ???????

  11. stephen fernald says:

    Thank you, Sam. Tears in my eyes m

  12. moe ghoul says:

    this is just too much i just miss her … i hope this is only just a dream

  13. Timery L'y says:


  14. Le Srukta says:

    I wanna know who are the 107 fucking worthless braindead scumfuck bastards
    piles of trash mental dickfaces that should be gunned down in the street
    like the degenerate that they are that disliked the video

  15. Ruby_H says:

    I can’t wrap my head around the fact that Christina’s really gone. She was
    too young.. <3

  16. E L E A N O U R says:


  17. Mari Mckenney says:

    It’s sweet that you did this for her.

  18. Destiny B says:

    Brought tears to my eyes…

  19. tinulla pl says:

    this is just a dream:(

  20. Suet Hin Tong says:

    it’s the first song that I know you guys…… Still can’t believe it.