Just another day in Russia

About 35 armed masked men enter the restaurant and start causing trouble by starting a fight, this thug remains unimpressed.

Armed men enter a restaurant /club /bar in Russia and break out a fight and this guy just calmly sits and drinks his vodka like it happens every day. Thug life.

Not a single fuck was given that day.

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19 Responses

  1. NotYourMum says:

    *That guy was like oh my god oh my god, just act like nothing is happening
    and those people won’t kill me lol*

  2. Billy Bob Price says:

    i got balls you got big balls he got the biggest of them all!

  3. latieraeve says:

    Best thing you can do in these situations. Just sit and wait for it all to
    blow over. Dont get in the way, dont get hurt. 35 is way to many to fight
    back. Just chill 

  4. Isik Mater says:

    And not a single fuck was given that day!

  5. Alisa Shelest says:

    Its Ukraine..

  6. Chris Fourtwenty says:

    FAKE. scripted shït.

  7. Виталий Муругов says:

    Пендосы пишут, что это флешмоб, бля ну вы тупые)))) 

  8. Camilo Junior says:

    music name?

  9. Professional Retards says:

    Plot Twist:Hes the master mind

  10. kevon calixto says:

    Plot Twist: He’s the Mastermind

  11. KawasakG Ryder says:

    There was a time when I would have joined in the fun, but these days Im
    feeling more like this dude. 

  12. david ozonov says:

    That gyu Have
    -bools of Steal (c)

  13. philip kouts says:

    Zero fucks given, that escalated quickly.

  14. 1zombie4v says:

    Nothing even happened . Stupid ass shit

  15. Гоша Васильев says:

    У пацанчика стальные яйца )) похер пламя пьет с бутылочки, отдыхает ))

  16. Adriana Ruvalcaba says:

    Meanwhile in Russia

  17. Kopam Nos says:


  18. Pedro Freire says:

    He is so drunk on vodka that he couldn’t even move.

  19. Kyler Dog says:

    The beer he is drinking makes him invisable to mad russian thuggies