Just Another Nice Guy – Part 1

Just Another Nice Guy – Part 1

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Philip Wang http://instagram.com/wongfuphil

Ashley Matsunami http://instagram.com/ashmats
Benson Quach http://instagram.com/bensonq

Christopher Yang http://instagram.com/yangstopher

Taylor Chan http://instagram.com/chanman325
Philip Wang

Wesley Chan http://instagram.com/thewesleychan
Philip Wang

Derek – Motoki Maxted – http://youtube.com/moretoki // http://instagram.com/motokimaxted
Audrey – Piper Curda – http://instagram.com/pippiphooray1
Julia – Krista Marie Yu – http://instagram.com/kristamarieyu
Jocelyn – Teneka Stephens – http://instagram.com/nekachoo
Kristin – Kelsey Impicciche – http://instagram.com/dangerousatanyspeed
Flyer friend – Shannon Brunetti
Crying friend – Mike Bow – http://youtube.com/mikebowshow
Study friend – Ashley Matsunami http://instagram.com/ashmats
Car friend – Rommel Andaya
College Students Alex & Maia Shibutani https://www.instagram.com/alexshibutani // https://www.instagram.com/maiashibutani
Laughing friends – Taylor Chan, Erin Keel, Erika Chavez, Eric Bai

Music by Travis Atreo https://open.spotify.com/artist/58xmt13Xf7RsThzGOM1aKh

“You Bring Me Home” by Imaginary Future
https://www.youtube.com/imaginaryfriendmusic // http://www.imaginaryfuture.com/

Assistant Director Benson Quach
2nd Assistant Director Reed Hedani

Assistant Camera Michelle Hsieh
2nd Assistant Camera / BTS Camera Marisa Nagata
Social Media/ BTS Camera Jennifer Le
Key Grip Justin Lieu

Hair and Make-up Andi Loc

Production Assistant Hayley Matsumoto, Krista Lee, Jonathan Huynh, Matt Ergina, Jamie Tagomori

Colorist Christopher Yang
Title Design by Jennifer Le http://instagram.com/_jdle

YouTube Space LA
Bubble Republic
Factory Tea Bar
Michael & Kaia Tu
Rommel Andaya & Kevin Nguyen
Wesley Chan

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20 Responses

  1. Moretoki says:

    It’s ya boi nice guy!

  2. Khoi Le says:

    It’s a sin that you guys don’t have 3 mil subs yet!

  3. AyanamiRei5kyu says:

    the guy makes me so mad… falling in love with someone or being attracted is not about whether someone is a “nice guy” and certainly not about following some guidelines… they might help yes but in the end it depends on if you guys click, if your personalities match just cause you’re being nice to someone doesn’t mean they owe you a shot! and if you think that, you’re not even genuinely nice but just some jerk who plays victim just cause he doesn’t get the girls he wants… srsly it pisses me off is true friendship dead? can’t you just be nice without wanting to get with the girl?? can’t a girl truly care about a guy without wanting to make out with him?? all that guy thought about was his poor rejected heart… seriously “were you using me?” if you’re dumb enough to let yourself be used by some bimbo it’s your own fault but don’t accuse a genuinely nice girl of that bs like did you really care for her? ever? or did u only want her to be your gf and didn’t give a shit about the friendship she thought you had

  4. Brian Kim says:

    Asian Student Society= ASS LMAOO

  5. Skor Skoert says:

    Nacho Cheese


  6. shannenTCA says:

    “Bought you a boba” and watched the whole series. Loved it! Thanks for another quality project Wong Fu! You guys rock!

  7. Bryson Xiao says:

    Nice guys shouldn’t finish last, because then he will feel like trash. And then now he won’t know what to dooooooo.
    But you always deny my kind, even if I gave it best try to get you to see me through…
    He could open a door, he could pull out a chair, he will listen to how your day was, but who really cares.
    When its cold he always brings two jackets, because he knows you will be cold two without a jacket.
    Woah! You actually sat in the front! The front was for the homies, but they could sit in the trunk.
    He keeps calling your phone, but no one answers
    And when the waiter brings he bill he gets his card out of his wallet.
    Nice guys shouldn’t finish last, because then he will feel like trash. And now he won’t know what to doooooooooo……

  8. Ruth Saechao says:

    Isn’t she from Ant Farm?

  9. Gracie Jee says:

    just bought the full video cuz i just couldn’t want till next wednesday to see what’s next..and was tremendously impressed by the talent, the script and the underlying philosophy on life and relationship. Verry touching. Applaud!

  10. MikeBowShow says:

    If Wong Fu shorts exist in their universe, and Wong Fu shorts exist in our universe, does that mean we are all in a Wong Fu short ?

  11. 2emptypocket says:

    Just saw this upload in my recommends. I was a huge fan of Wong Fu back in high school and back then, they were doing nice guy dramas too and that’s primarily why I became less interested in their comedy as I grew out of the demographic. I truly do like the personalities of Phil and the guys but I can’t vibe with the nice guy angle. Are there any series they’ve done in the past few years that is a different genre or a romance drama that isn’t focused on a nice guy MC? (Other than Agents of Secret Stuff, I watched it and loved it)

  12. Punk Paine says:

    I honestly don’t believe this. Nice guys don’t finish last, not if you look like him, not in this generation. The only time girls like/love and wanna date a nice guy is when the girl is a single mother. And that is after she realizes her ex-husband was a douchebag piece of 5-yard shit. Don’t lie to yourself, girls. 🙂

  13. wonderfullife says:

    He ruined it everything by complaining about it, he should have just control his emotions and Intentions, power can’t be gain by those who don’t have self control, complaining just made him more repulsive

  14. JJ Redfield says:

    I’m not saying that it’s good to be nice to someone because you want something from them, but for 99.9% of human beings, telling someone “You were only being nice to me because you wanted to date me?!” is extremely hypocritical. Do you think (for exemple) that the girl in the video was never nicer to someone because she wanted something from them? That she never would have acted nicer if she met an extremely attractive guy and, if she knew the guy had no interest talking to her, that she would have stopped being nice?

    People should not do it, but everyone is nicer when they want something from someone else. Don’t act like it’s only bad when someone else does it to you.

  15. Jay Jack says:

    Are people seriously like that? What’s with this friendzone bs these days. It’s your responsibility dude to combine your “niceness” with a charming character that makes the girl like you as a lover and not just as a friend. You got to be clear with your intentions from the beginning – anything else is shady. If you can’t do it you simply are not decent enough to be her lover. Exactly the same goes for girls. If you a like a guy, be charming and nice to him and things will move on beyond him ignoring you. Implies that you guys actually already took care of your external beauty before trying to show your internal one.

  16. miriam villa says:

    If he wanted to get with her from the beginning, why didn’t he just ask her out? Why did he wait until they became friends to tell her that he liked her?

  17. Jimin's jams on my sugakookies says:

    Damn did she leave BuzzFeed? Or is there another scandale where they kick them out for doing a vid with another channel

  18. Vincent D a n g says:

    Man, beings back the days ! Good job so far guys !!

  19. Esteban Avila says:

    This videos just contribute to the stereotype

  20. Chelsey McFarland says:


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