Just Being Honest (Song)

Just Being Honest (Song)

In one take, we rap the things everyone thinks, but never says out loud.
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Created by: Rhett & Link
Executive Producer: Stevie Wynne Levine
Co-Director / Director of Photography / Editor: Benjamin Eck
Producer: Jillian Jesk
Music by Hollywood Legend Productions
Song production by Mark Byers
Production Coordinator: Alexander Punch
Production Assistant: Chase Hilt
Set Production Assistant: Andrea Chrunyk
Set Production Assistant: Grant Collins
Set Production Assistant: Cam Evans
Set Production Assistant: Jordan Wise
Gaffer: Andrew Kowalski
Best Boy Electric: Daniel Valentine
Key Grip: Mike Gray
Best Boy Grip: Zac Dunn
Grip/Swing: Shane Strickland
1st AC: Mike Berg
Production Designer: Rachel Aguirre
Art Assistant: Wes Hottman
Art Assistant: Demetrios Katsantonis
Costume Designer: Laura Ortiz
HMU: Ann Beckett
BTS Shooter/Editor: Leo K. Angelos
Content Manager: Becca Canote

Gaffer: Todd Bishop
Best Boy Electric: Michael Schmidt
Key Grip: Adrian Estrella
2nd AC: Jesse Ricketts
Sound Mixer: Rich Gavin
Production Designer: Beth Goodnight
Set Production Assistant: Nathan Krauss
Locations Manager: Charles Love

CAST: (In alphabetical order)
Lindsay Ames
Doug Berry
Susan Burke
Matthew Campbell
Nicole Cinaglia
Kevin Collins
Gilbert Cornejo
Amber Ettiger
David Gironda Jr.
Dolly Gray
Mason Hankins
Rob Michael Hugel
Nico Hurtado
Robert Huynh
Teremy Jackson
Kelsey Jones
Biancha Klimp
Johnny Martini
Richard Neil
Hayley Marie Norman
Michele Santoro
Morgan Smith
Pamela Wilson

Special Thanks to:
Well Done Catering
John Woodard Catering
1 Big Stage
AVON Rent A Car Truck and Van
Division Camera Rental
The Production Truck
Wooden Nickel

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20 Responses

  1. Fudoobeer273 says:

    awesome video!!!!!!

  2. Jordan McGhee says:

    This is the best ad any company could ask for.

  3. Harrison Ens says:

    That was an amazing advertisement for Wendy’s! Great Job Guys! :)

  4. apexfex says:

    Copyright of my name is earl

  5. Omar7ajjar says:


  6. PlamenDrop says:

    I’m honestly wondering if you’re gonna eat that…

  7. Ethan Halverson says:

    Add a sin for product placement 

  8. Z.M.L Channel says:

    Just watched a 5 minute add 

  9. Yawn Watchme says:

    had to go to switch another account and come back click likes button again

  10. xave. says:

    I really need some lyrics with this 😀 but the things that I understood
    where pretty awesome :D

  11. kaden aj says:

    honestly, i loved the song and saw the come clean ad and could not wait.
    sorry i really forogot that this video was coming out but did wanna see but
    i totally forgot #comingclean

  12. Jessica B says:

    oops weird stuff /

  13. TARDIS time and relative dimension in space says:

    Honestly, this is pretty cool

  14. Skyfox Anwary says:

    That was my first comment

  15. Émile Chouinard says:

    It’s not a real wendy’s it’s just Chuck Testa

  16. Sumaita Rahman says:


  17. British Jamacan says:

    lol such Wendy’s promotion lol

  18. YoloRobloxGaming says:

    3:00 <-- Honest Button.

  19. Reece Mccall says:

    awesome job nice videos

  20. Alexander Lawless says:

    Best sponsored video ever