Just Poo It

Just Poo It

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20 Responses

  1. Wolf Man Lyken says:

    Saying Just do it ( Nike Phrase), while wearing an adidas shirt. This the
    type shit that caused global warming.

  2. SlickBlasian says:

    James. Where the toilet paper at? Like dude I’m not gonna use toothbrush.

  3. doktor. says:

    3.1415926545 / 5 – ign
    No green screen

  4. HavoC Clasher says:

    He would make a good Vegeta just saiyan. 

  5. CrazySkyTurtle says:

    for all the dumbshits out there, this is from shia lebouf, not nike

  6. Ty Yok says:

    Not for you green goblin!!

  7. SlothGiraffe says:

    You didn’t have the guts to kill Spider-Man, though.

  8. Ariful Karim says:

    2015. You have too look hard to find a camera with such shitty quality. 

  9. heyheychels says:

    I love him so much this is hilarious

  10. Carlos Nath says:

    Even James Franco mocks Shia’s ted excerpt. It has to blow being the guy
    though, he probably thought he was inspiring millions, instead people just
    saw his ted excerpt and thought dude everythings ok, are you talking to
    yourself? Cuz no one needed that

  11. Flowrhenz Arenas says:

    James Franco is bae. xD

  12. Jasimonmon says:

    He looks like he is gonna poo himself

  13. mrKozmoz says:

    I can’t breathe, and my sides have gone beyond the solar system.

  14. AMEr says:


  15. ComedyForestTv says:

    Hahaha I’m loving all of these! I made one of my own to add on to the
    chain! Come check it out I promise you’ll laugh! 

  16. Lance Rodenbaugh says:

    tone is all wrong watch the wallstreet kid again frankenbeans

  17. Hett Sholar ni Zantos says:

    who the fuck agreed to film this

  18. Scwurt says:

    Wow he’s really getting back into shape. He was letting himself go in the
    past few years. He looks 10 years younger here, at least.

  19. Suavepebble says:

    It’s funny because it’s poo.

  20. Ninja_fighter98 says:

    This wasn’t one bit funny