Justice Ginsburg: I drank before president’s speech

Justice Ginsburg: I drank before president’s speech

At a panel discussion on Thursday, Ruth Bader Ginsburg talked about nodding off during the State of the Union speech.

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20 Responses

  1. Ed Jenkins says:

    With some of the decisions made lately,I guess We ALL KNOW WHY. AND THIS IS

  2. mike patrick says:

    Proof that Obama is not Hitler. Nobody slept during a speech by Hitler.
    Also she looks like Alan Greenspan’s sister.

  3. Judith Horne says:

    I think she was so comical I thought it was Saturday night live heaven help
    us Judith Horne jax fl

  4. TheMindInvader says:

    It’s ok, she had 4 more Jew judges to prop her up while she was in slumber

  5. Doperooni says:

    Who hasn’t fallen asleep listening to the windbags in D.C.?

  6. TheHypnotstCollector says:

    how precious. Such a funny little Zionist, but she had 3 or 4 Jew Judges
    to prop her up

  7. shabshami says:

    What an overreaction in these comments. What… You’ve never had a glass of
    wine with dinner? God forbid that she make herself more personable by
    joking during an interview. If you’ve read any of her opinions within the
    last five years, you’d realize that she’s not senile and still very ready
    and able to serve on the Supreme Court.

  8. sterling king says:

    We all know if a conservative justice had done this the Liberal media would
    be making a big deal about it. But because she is a realable liberal vote
    on the court she gets a pass.

  9. Reject Mohammed says:

    There is Nothing Supreme about a Gay Loving Baby Killing Abortion Rights

  10. Tommy T says:

    Too bad, We can’t vote these evil judges out of the supreme court by
    passing perverted gay marriage. Which they rewarded themselves with

  11. Geovannijulzz69 says:

    When is she going to pass away already. 

  12. Lathen Lisdoonvarna says:

    Does anyone ever tell Scalia to just go fuck himself?. 

  13. roflolsaurus says:

    a fucking legend
    u virgins need 2 get over this

  14. llg4ever says:

    I don’t blame her .. who the f**k still pays attention to this state of the
    f**ked up Union charade??

  15. Gordon Bradley says:

    AW cmon !
    Nobody can expect them to do what they do sober !

  16. John C says:

    Judges need age limits….what a useless professional…its time to head to
    West Palm Beach Florida old lady

  17. Ja Sn says:


  18. Becca Helen says:

    I LOVE THAT WOMAN. What a trooper at 81, still sharp as a tack, and funny,

  19. Drapetomanius Grimr says:

    Ah, yes. The nine Nazgûl; our black-robed masters, and servants of the
    all-seeing eye in the east. They have all traded their humanity for power.

  20. William Straughan says:

    passed law to kill babies abortion took god out of schools and people like
    her pass our laws