Justice League Dark – Official Trailer

Justice League Dark – Official Trailer

Every superhero has a dark side in this DC animated movie.

Designing Justice League Dark’s World:

NYCC Cosplay Spotlight: Riddle:

The Batman – Is Deathstroke a Good Pick as the Villain for Ben Affleck’s Movie?

Wonder Woman’s Come a Long Way in 75 Years:

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20 Responses

  1. bgbiskit says:

    give me a Damm release date

  2. Nasir Bello says:

    Batman doesn’t need friends…he has a butler

  3. Tbc Alex says:

    At least DC are good at animation..

  4. Marble Ramen says:

    I love Marvel but in terms of animated movies, DC destroys. <3

  5. SGreyjoy says:

    why not call Dr. Fate?

  6. The Phantazm (Owl) says:

    guess what this movie is all about damian

  7. Sabaa Hoda says:

    Everyone: OMG, Constantine! Deadman! Zatanna! Swamp Thing!
    Me: OMG, John Stewart! Martian Manhunter!

    Don’t care about Hawkman lol

  8. HELLHOUND ! says:

    What movie did I miss when Martian manhunter and John Stewart came

  9. Michael says:

    Batman telling people that they have to find John Constantine, that’s
    funny. Batman in the comics doesn’t even remotely like John, even though
    they have a mutual respect. In Injustice it was pretty clear. He would more
    likely say Zatanna, or Doctor Fate, or Deadman. Anyone but John. Since John
    is kind of a jerk to everyone.

  10. Crazyjay666 says:

    holy crap, it’s constantine. didnt see that one coming, i though batman was

  11. Kit Collar says:

    I think it looks great, but I can’t take Deadman’s voice seriously

  12. Sleeping Groke says:

    I am happy because of there is a new Lantern in the League, and it just
    happens to be John Stuart 🙂
    John Stuart for life

  13. Ahmet Kurum says:

    Only thing this trailer did was to remind me how i felt when Constantine Tv
    Show was canceled.

  14. Merziah Kardashian says:

    when did martian manhunter, hawkman and john stewart join the league? (in
    animated universe)

  15. Ace Knight says:

    The description says every superhero has a dark side but what other side
    does Batman have?

  16. Coleman Ward says:

    “Your life is a patchwork of blackness with no time for joy, how you cope
    with it?”

    I’m a f*cking billionaire

  17. BrainShadow says:

    Edgelord League: Edgy

  18. Gaming 4 Life(Tylerman) says:

    When did John Stewart join the Justice League?

  19. Kenneth Satria says:

    I think im the only one exited for Swamp Thing

  20. Kronos says:

    “I have a butler.” HAHAHAHA!!! This is my new get out of jail free card.