Justice League – Movie Review

Justice League – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Justice League, starring Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Ezra Miller, Ray Fisher, Jason Momoa. Directed by Zack Snyder.

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102 Responses

  1. Fred Green says:

    same with WW, an awesome and fun movie with a terrible villain

  2. Ivan Trevino says:

    so from what Chris is saying, Cyborg is a walking plot device.

  3. Ornstein and Smough says:

    So you spend majority of the review sounding disappointed in the movie, but then you finished and grade it a B-? Lol

    • underwaterlady says:

      obviously he’s more badass since you’re even subscribed to him. curious though why you choose to call me a badass for saying i watched the film and not the asshole who choose to review and make a video of his review. does being a fan also mean being an idiot?

    • Grandpas Weiner says:

      underwaterlady did I call you an idiot? No. I’m serious, you’re lucky you’ve seen it already. Can we make up now?

    • underwaterlady says:

      it was your implication that somehow saying i had seen the film made me “a badass”. if you had at least claimed anyone that watches films ahead of their public debut date is “a badass” i wouldn’t have cared. i didn’t get why you only singled me out when i’m doing it on the channel of a guy who has also watched the film early. it would have at least made you look consistent.

    • Vlad Bayard says:

      B is a disappointment for a Justice League movie!!!!

    • underwaterlady says:

      Vlad Bayard why? they made the movie purposely to be disposable. it’s basically a future meme

  4. Eman The man says:

    To be fair Steppenwolf is pretty bland in the comics as well.

    • William Kruzzette says:

      DJSS Randomness Just because something was shitty in the comics doesn’t mean it should be shitty in the movie. That’s why being faithful isn’t always a good thing

    • DJSS Randomness says:

      William Kruzzette i know, but u shouldnt hit it too hard. How tf would u make him better if u dont have good backstory to lean on? I mean hela couldve been so much better in ragnarok and she has so much backstory

    • William Kruzzette says:

      DJSS Randomness Perhaps “rewrite” the character? Keep all the familiar elements but do something truly great for the film. Like Doc-Ock in Spider-Man 2.

    • DJSS Randomness says:

      William Kruzzette yea i guess. Butstupid warner bros had to shorten the film. I bet the extended film will be so much better.

    • Real Nukepizza! says:

      Why don’t use Darkseid, the 2nd best D.C. Villain besides the joker

  5. Captain Tightpants says:

    So thats it huh, we’re some kinda.. .. justice league

  6. Blunt Capcom Representative #4 says:

    Remember when Christopher Nolan put DC on top? Pepperidge Farm remembers…

  7. TheRavingPhoenix says:

    I think Logan showed that a serious CBM can still be appreciated these days. It just has to be done well.

  8. Maximiliano Afonso says:

    “needs extended version”. Here we go again…

  9. darcanjel7 says:

    The seriousness has to fit the character. Batman…serious. Blade…serious. Punisher…serious. Superman, Flash, Deadpool. Light, fluffy or funny.

  10. Tennis addict 21 says:

    Ok, let me try to understand it… and just for the record, I’m a Marvel fanboy who fucking hates BvS and SS – and thinks WW is overrated.

    I saw JL last night and it’s a lot of fun, best DC movie so far, by far. Momoa wasn’t as bad as I expected and Miller isn’t that bad either. The others are great and the chemistry is evidently there all the way through. It made me want more.

    Funny thing is… Chris loved Ragnarok – or should I call it Ragnalaugh? I mean, all negatives he exposed here are much more evident in Thor but apparently the god of jokes got away with that for some reason. Maybe because every single critic is in love with Taika Waititi and will praise anything he puts out? Perhaps…

    Justice League is not perfect but it’s far better than Ragnalaugh. And again, I’m a Marvel fanboy.

    • Stefan Hermann says:

      Ragnarok only lacked the laughing crowd a la Big Bang Theory. It was a laugh-a-minute. Nothing Whedon-esque about the humour either. It felt like American Pie at some point. It wasnt bad tho, just too much bland humour for my taste.

    • Tennis addict 21 says:

      OneToughCookie TheYouTubeHero dude, what part of I’m a Marvel fanboy you didn’t understand? Ragnarok is the first Marvel movie I dislike. It’s laughable. So fucking blind.

    • Rafael Teles says:

      I believe you are tired, the lighthearted jokes infests every Marvel movie. Every single one, maybe Winter Soldier is the only film thus far who don’t have too many forced jokes (maybe, my memory is not that good). I got tired of superhero movies, Guardians 2 was the breaking point. When I saw that scene were rocket ambushes some dudes in the forest, sending them up and down like a looney tunes cartoon… I admit, that was not for me anymore, maybe I am too old for this shit. And people are saying Thor has even more forced looney tunes moments. Maybe it’s time to finally stop watching and wasting money with those movies on cinema, just download them from piratebay. I went with some friends to watch Spiderman Homecoming and it was beyond awesome, but Spiderman was always a lighthearted character, a jokester so to speak. But to go to cinema again to watch a character like Thor.. or a character like the Murderman played by Affleck… to see those characters quipping constant jokes? Naaah, I pass

    • MetaCynic says:

      I thought you were a tennis addict not a marvel one

    • OneToughCookie TheYouTubeHero says:

      Tennis addict 21 That’s how I KNOW it’s just a matter of your own perception. Thor: Ragnarok is definitely NOT the first bad Marvel movie by any means (that is, if you were to say that it’s bad at all). If any Marvel movie was pretty bad, it would be Iron Man 3, because that movie had a lot more problems

  11. Unknown says:

    He gave Justice Leauge a B-. 12:25

  12. JORGE LIMAS says:

    Chris but the lack of depth is the same thing that happens with every Marvel movie and I don’t remember you complaining about that. Just saying.

    • Tom S says:

      JORGE LIMAS I doubt you’ve seen Logan then.

    • Tom S says:

      Androu Luc Don’t attempt to compare Marvel to DC when you’re unfairly generalising all their movies.

    • The !st Winner says:

      Yes, definitely, the world-building paid off! You know, like a true… cinematic *UNIVERSE?..* ;D
      That’s why it pains me to see DC rush after MARVEL’s formula so the WB fatfarts can (try to!) get a big *€A$H-IN* rather than tell us good solid, consecutive stories, using the huge worldwide names and brands they own. That’s just sad and pathetic, not to mention uninspired and messy, as we’ve seen in BvS or Suicide Squad… Gotta have hope though, looks like they’re getting their shit together, you know?..

    • Valarie Broadway says:


    • The !st Winner says:

      You agree because of critics?.. Hmm how about HAVE YOUR *OWN* OPINION OR PIECE OF MIND xD – instead of just being a gullible follower. I get it, you probably believe every bullshit news on TV too, huh? You must be very young, nevermind then.

      P.S. “WW is the only good movie” – that’s called an *OPINION* – critics have them too, not FACTS 😉

  13. Atticus X says:

    why does everything have to be light and funny… I’m so tired of the marvel tone now in dc movies

  14. Janina says:

    Fluffy? Oh sweet Jesus. So they took away the main reason why I enjoyed the other DC Movies? Great

  15. Adventures by George says:

    I want to see Superman with a mustache!

  16. Haunted Knight says:

    So sick of the DC bias. Don’t care what the fucking critics will say on this one. I’ve been waiting since I was a kid for a Justice League movie. Fuck the Avengers, Justice League was always the premier team.

    • Jeffry Icaza says:

      Haunted Knight 7 still sucks …

    • Diego Escobedo says:

      Haunted Knight the symbolism was incorporated into the movie was done very sloppy. The heroes stop fighting each other because their moms have the same name. I get what Snyder was trying to do, but it was very awkward line and was never mentioned again. And if I have to spend more money and time to watch an extended version of a movie to understand it, what was the point of watching the theatrical version in the first place if it’s just gonna end up messy?

    • Haunted Knight says:

      Diego Escobedo I don’t get why it’s so hard for people to understand the Martha scene. Throughout the whole movie, Batman was losing himself. He was becoming more ruthless, and careless. Even Alfred took notice how he was becoming a bad guy. In his blind rage, he attacks Superman and almost kills him. Batman doesn’t know Superman’s earth parents, so the mentioning of his mother’s name triggers his PTSD. He snaps out of it, and realizes his mistake and how he was used. That is why he volunteers to save Martha, as a child he couldn’t save his own mother. Now he’s a shit brick house with skills to make a difference and symbolically save Martha like his own mother, and in essence save himself from the edge. That’s why we see the more traditional Batman in JL. And you can hate BvS all you want, but that warehouse fight is the greatest fight scene I have seen in any super hero movie period.

    • Goldstar Productions says:

      Just because you’ve been waiting fo it doesn’t mean it has to be good

    • Haunted Knight says:

      Goldstar Productions I know it will be good. My whole point is people listen to these “critics” like they speak the gospel. See the movie, and form your own opinion. Don’t jump on the band wagon. If you really like the characters, I think you’ll enjoy it.

  17. Jeff phillips says:

    I don’t know. Looks perfect for the Chinese audience to me.

  18. Justin Young says:

    *DC won’t hear the criticism if their ears are stuffed with money*

    • Sauron Merciful says:

      Sean Harrison it made very nice 160 million opening weekend which is nothing to sniff at, but second week dropped down to 59 million. Word of mouth got around

    • Sean Harrison says:

      Sauron Merciful they also spent 800 million making the movie. This unfortunately made it very hard for the movie to become a smash. So yes, I agree it made a lot on opening weekend but, due to the production budget, it needed to keep making that kind of money. I believe it needed to make 1 billion to even be considered a smash.

  19. Varinder Bhandal says:

    I think in a few years, there’s gonna be a documentary of the production of the film.

    • The Goddamn 2 D says:

      Varinder Bhandal why though? If a movie deserves a documentary on it’s production i’d say it’s Avengers: Infinity War.

    • Adam says:

      The Goddamn 2 D because it’s had two directors, rewrites, reshoots and a family tragedy all at the centre of it. Dumb fuck.

  20. BLAQK 1/1 says:

    How many people love THE JUSTICE LEAGUE?

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