Justice League Special Comic-Con Footage

Justice League Special Comic-Con Footage

In theaters November 2017!

Featuring “Icky Thump” by The White Stripes:

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20 Responses

  1. Chris Nathaniel says:

    For the people complaining this isn’t an official trailer it’s merely a
    compilation of footage from the movie as it’s titled. Y’all need to take a
    breather and be glad that these characters are gonna be on screen together
    smh. Good Lord you fanboys are so nitpicky. “IT’S TOO DARK.” IT’S “TOO
    LIGHT” “HATE IT WAY TOO MUCH LIKE MARVEL” You guys are never content. This
    is coming from a DC fans perspective and someone who didn’t like BvS that

  2. poor elliot says:

    So exciting

  3. Zinqzz _ says:

    Wish it was berry from the show (the flash)

  4. FatedSinned says:

    I think Ezra is gonna be a great Barry Allen, but I don’t really like the
    suit of the Flash seems too heavy and bulky for a superhero that is meant
    to be fast, agile and adaptive.

  5. The Blah says:

    Where is Superman and GL?

  6. Erik Harrison says:

    People need to re-watch Batman vs Superman if they think Superman is dead.

  7. Alex Mendez says:

    Green lantern??

  8. Abrar Soudagar says:

    look at cyborg !!

  9. Devin Ittle says:

    Lookin way better then bvs so far

  10. animal ovich says:

    Aqua-Man ,,, oh shit ,, nice pick

  11. Jon Locke says:

    Please don’t suck.

  12. Vijay Rawat says:

    Erza Miller you are awesome ??

  13. kasra khatir says:

    Finally SOME HUMOR

  14. Raul Nascimento Santos says:

    What is the name of that sound? 0:28

  15. raydeen2k says:

    It looks like DC may be learning from it’s mistakes. This was not bad.
    Having watched the three hour version of BvS, this already looks much
    better. I hope they can pull it off.

  16. Satyam Pandey says:

    anyone wondering where the hell is Superman????

  17. The Painter's Film says:

    I just notice that this movie dosent have any black bars (widescreen) like
    any other movies I’ve seen. For me it hard to make the movie look good woth
    out black bars but this movie nailed it.

  18. Satria Hardjono says:

    1:59 what’s inside barry’s mouth?

  19. Heliomar kell says:

    outro flash aff

  20. X Mtnez says: