Justice Stephen Breyer Interview

Justice Stephen Breyer Interview

Stephen sits down with one of the top nine Supreme Court Justices to talk about his new book, “The Court And The World: American Law And The New Global Realities.”

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20 Responses

  1. John Mastroligulano says:

    That isn’t job security it is illegal in the first place no one ever gave
    them the authority to create such a position nor did WE vote on it. Why
    would we ever decide to appoint people to such a position for LIFE with no
    real accountability to US not a politician but US if we aren’t voting on
    weather you are doing a good job with a none of the above option then you
    are not legitimate. I don’t see any accountability at the highest levels of
    government instead they are colluding/conspiring to prevent any
    accountability while using our $/assets/creating laws to maintain that
    status period that is there national security which is Treason. Mr. Breyer
    I am glad you are at least trying to get out of your bubble stay the

  2. Chris Berry says:

    Wish Colbert had shown the same amount of respect for this incredible man
    as he did Vice President Biden.

  3. MrPiojame says:

    Colbert is making me smarter.

  4. Sarfaraz Hussein Merchant says:

    I thought this was a disappointing interview. Justice Breyer played second
    fiddle to actress Emily Blunt, he was never asked about profoundly
    important recent decisions like Citizens United, and same-sex marriage, he
    never got to speak about his book which examines the evolution of law in
    the increasingly interconnected 21st century. What shame Colbert didn’t do
    more with this rare opportunity.

    • Sarfaraz Hussein Merchant says:

      +III24601III That’s very possible, but in his new book he does deal with
      controversial issues, and decisions. A book he is promoting. They have very
      different social energies Breyer is quite slow, and methodic, Colbert more
      brash which somewhat clashed, and made it awkward at points. I’ll concede I
      could be wrong. That’s just my take.

    • III24601III says:

      +Sarfaraz Hussein Merchant It’s because it is highly considered
      inappropriate for members of SCOTUS to discuss cases in the public. It was
      likely a prerequisite for J. Breyer coming on the show.

  5. Lawrence Smith says:

    Thanks Stephen for producing quality, entertaining, educational programming
    that’s not brought to me by me.

  6. Kate says:

    LMAO “Stay on the payroll”…yup you and every other politician.

  7. The Contrarian says:

    God I’m loving the way this Show is shaping up to be.
    Nation, i noticed Stephen’s videos are lacking in views, help him keep up
    the good ratings.

  8. Sammy Saad says:

    He’s like the modern day Socrates.

  9. III24601III says:

    Every whining about why Colbert didn’t ask Breyer about Citizen’s United
    should JUST GO READ THE DISSENT THAT BREYER JOINED if they want to know his

  10. RapunzelinOttawa says:

    Colbert in this format is just painful to watch. He is completely out of
    his league, so stiff and uncomfortable. Add to this the musical guests that
    put out non-melodious thumping which is trying to pass for popular music.
    He may last 6 months at the outside.

  11. nismofury says:

    Why even have this guy on… boring insignificant. Who cares he wrote a
    book. Be funny clown. Thats why we watch thats why you get paid millions. 

  12. Twiggy Twigg says:

    Stephen Breyer will judge us all for life and he was appointed for life by
    a serial womanizer, adulterer and liar. Stephen Breyer is nothing more than
    a stooge for the ACLU. He is the best gift that keeps on giving from Bill
    Clinton other than crabs, thanks Bill!

  13. publiux says:

    His answer to the question regarding cameras in the courtroom was extremely
    disappointing. His basic argument was that the public can’t be trusted to
    understand what’s happening inside the courtroom.

  14. grockcomedy says:

    Is he high?

  15. Travis Guckert says:

    I feel that, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert shouldn’t push Stephen to
    interrupt with quick jokes during the interview process for
    entertainment purpose’s. Stephen can become a pioneer in late night
    entertainment by elevating the late night talk show ideology into a more
    modern, intellectual interview program with quality questions and answers
    on the highest level of professionalism and stray away from the
    entertainment fueled late night interview standard. Save the jokes for the
    beginning introduction stage to make the viewers comfortable and
    entertained and leave the interview to be the new professional standard
    of what a late night interview should be treating it with the highest level
    of professionalism. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert is broadcasted in
    many other countries and for millions of people this is the first and only
    opportunity to listen to a closed door politician speak so the value of the
    programs content is incredibly and instantly elevated and responded with an
    open ear. Also, with a higher standard for an interview leads to a better
    plug delivery for the guest and result for higher monetary reward than the
    current talk show standard. (Hire me NBC?)

  16. Vega Corp. says:

    I dunno…but, at this moment…The Nightly Show (with Larry Willmore) >
    Late Night (with Stephen Colbert). I hope it gets better. He really need to
    get rid of that cringe worthy “Ellen Degeneres” opening. Oy vay!!!

  17. marioidrovorodri says:

    2:12 reptilian tongue am i rite

  18. Jim F. says:

    what a great guest and interview! Colbert, you are off to an amazing start.