Justin Baber – a father/son duet!

Justin Baber – a father/son duet!

We discovered we can nail this song as a father/son duet. Teamwork! 😉

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20 Responses

  1. Sit Still says:

    AWW! This is gonna be viral. beh-beh

  2. amy hemsley says:

    this is so cutteeee

  3. dcli182 says:

    Too cute. I just can’t…

  4. Paige Esson says:


  5. EmilySomnia says:

    Aaaaaaah that’s the sweetest thing ever. Og Buzz is so adorable

  6. Georgie Archer says:

    So Adorable 

  7. Sine Maria Fabricius says:

    You never fail to make me smile Tom!

  8. kathy linka says:

    tom, you and buzz just smash it! 😀 

  9. Lauren Taylor says:

    That was adorable 

  10. Nini Kunu says:

    Aaaah! So cute…

  11. thisusernameisfree1 says:

    Oh my, I want one

  12. Fox Corner says:


  13. Deb M says:

    Its official i love you and your family.

  14. Jeanna Roberts says:


  15. Marie says:

    You have an adorable son. :)

  16. Cherry Wallis says:

    You quite possibly have the best child in the world. 

  17. Galaxycrasher stargirl 卌 says:

    This is SO FRICKN CUTE AW xx

  18. Charlie Catterall says:


  19. Merodii メロディー says:

    ERMAGERD THIS IS TOO CUTE!!! Stop breaking mee ?????

  20. Hunter Scott says:

    Tom and Gi used to be my everything but now Buzz makes my life complete.