Justin Bartha makes Jill Martin uncomfortable

Justin Bartha makes Jill Martin uncomfortable

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20 Responses

  1. just5two says:


  2. Blowe128 says:

    Justin Bartha did nothing weird, wrong or uncomfortable… Neither did
    Jill. This isn’t news worthy. Let’s try to move on to something that
    actually is.

  3. Alex Beberman says:

    He fucked her I can tell, I’m very good at knowing when people have fucked,
    its a gift

  4. ScyCharlEdward says:

    this gonna get a million views really fast, gotta stick my comments in
    there early 

  5. 2LTime33 says:

    this guy doesn’t really get a lot of media attention so when he does he
    makes it count.

    seriously if he answers like a proper gentleman or whatever nobody talks
    about this. 

  6. Lex Solanke says:

    That was bit douchey of him to be honest. she’s trying to earn a pay

  7. John B says:

    This guy is a typical Hollywood entitled jackass. He showed little class
    and sensitivity to her profession. And for those who say a women hits the
    wall after 30, you’re the same people who will hit 40 and 50 praying a gal
    in her 30s will even notice you, you will become invisible to them. 

  8. Minato Arisato says:

    He was just joking around, but he stretched a corny five second joke for a
    whole freaking minute.

  9. Mohib Abdullah says:

    not that awkward. Justin just trying to get it cause shes sexy af. Like who

  10. c christmas says:

    she is a tick 

  11. Bradley Fulton says:


  12. The Evil Puppy says:

    Guys he is MARRIED. I thought she was being stuck up too but CLEARLY she is
    uncomfortable a MARRIED man is flirting with her on national television!!

  13. tbryant024 says:

    Justin Bartha is married to a way hotter woman anyways.

  14. Vibe X says:


  15. Michael Rosales says:

    I don’t know why but something keeps telling me that maybe he is a little
    obsessed with Bradley Cooper, on the outside yes he seems like a
    stereotypical straight guy, he even has a wife and a kid, but I think he
    might be hiding some homo erotic fantasies he has, and he might only be
    honest about them when he is drunk and being interviewed,of course he tries
    to deflect that by making up some story about Bradley and the
    interviewer,or maybe even him and Bradley had a thing once who knows.

  16. Haggis says:

    What is all nonsense about her being stuck up? He’s stepping on her job.
    It’s her job to interview. She’s not struck up, he’s a silly narcissist who
    think he’s the cutest thing in town and she’s just trying to exercise
    control. That’s her job. If he tried something like that with Howard Cosell
    Cosell would have put him in his place. (We need Billy Crystal here): “Just
    answer the question. I know you’re trying to be funny but do it on your own
    show. I’ve got a job to do here so just answer the questions.” 

  17. aironwings says:

    Lol, was watching it live, was wondering wtf was going on

  18. bigbabolat says:

    Her job is to make this interesting for the viewer, so regardless what you
    douchebags say she failed. Remember she was interviewing HIM, if you have
    bad social skills then get a new job.

  19. jeebs9 says:

    I’ve been waiting for someone to troll this lady!!

  20. philthestampede says:

    Seems to me that he just didn’t know what to say to flirt and stuck with
    repeating himself. Classic 4th grade I like you stuff. Definitely doesn’t
    know how to talk to chicks.