Justin Bieber Discovers He’s in an ‘Arranged Marriage’ to Hailey

Justin Bieber Discovers He’s in an ‘Arranged Marriage’ to Hailey

Justin Bieber talked with guest host Demi Lovato about how he first met his wife Hailey, and realizes he’s actually in an “arranged marriage.” The pop star also assured fans he’s healthy and ready to go on the road for his upcoming “Changes” tour, and talked about his favorite reality shows.


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74 Responses

  1. Rosemary Ngugi says:

    JB probably lives inside Ellen’s Studio or something lol.

  2. Julia Ferreira says:

    Demi is the kind of person that makes you feel comfortable

  3. Aniqa Rahman says:

    It should be called The Ellen Show with Justin Beiber

  4. Alexander Makau says:

    Justin sitting like he’s home
    I’ve seen him way too much this week
    But we cool Ellen let’s redo the conversations 😍

  5. Chikondi Sane says:

    When will Hailey bieber be on the show with Ellen everyone has been there but her🙄

  6. Hartseu says:

    He looks so clean without mustache.

  7. Victor Slemp says:

    I love the fact that Demi is not outshining her guest, like most hosts do. She also let’s him tell a story, without waiting to ask her next question.

  8. Critisizing Time says:

    Beliebers: lucky Demi

    Lovatics: Lucky Justin

  9. Rachel M says:

    Their talking about going to church and being Christians.. woww love this. And yeah how awesome is this interview!!

  10. Serena Jose says:

    and no one is talking about how his outfit reminds me like Winnie the pooh.

  11. L Tamez says:

    A healthy Justin.
    That’s the sweetest, realest thing he could’ve said. You go kid! I believe in you 🥺

  12. Dreamer Fella says:

    Will no one talk about the winnie pooh inspired outfit

  13. Ledylen Nunez says:

    When Ex-Boyfriend and Ex-Bestfriend of Selena
    Gomez having a conversation about Hailey Bieber. Irony..

    • Blue Sky says:

      @ABHISHEK MISHRA you commented here just to get the attention and here u have my attention 🖕🖕🖕

    • John Preciado says:

      Selena is too good for him. He cheated but she’s a horrible person 😆

    • Spontan? says:

      Aljinkim Lee and who said that i don’t know her in real life? 😝 I wouldn’t dare to make that statement if i didn’t know what’s going on behind the scene. There’s so much things sugarcoat. So yeah, believe what u wanna believe i guess 😝

  14. El Elegido says:

    This dude dresses like everywhere in the whole world is his bedroom

  15. Angelica Chavez says:

    Ellen: how many times would you wanna appear on my show?
    Justin: yes!

  16. Gen0 Sc0tT says:

    My man sitting there like he’s constipated..

  17. Felicia Renteria says:

    I love that 2 big celebrities are open about their growth with God- don’t worry about the labels or the judgement, it’s between you and God and that’s how things begin to grow ❤️

  18. Anthony Saab says:

    I like how Justin talks to the crowd and really looks like he’s engaging with every person

    • Ashlee McCann says:

      yeah but he doesn’t look at Demi when she is talking to him kinda rude
      most of the time is looking at the audience.

    • Calimero de Campino says:

      @Ashlee McCann exactly!

    • SubieGirl1983 says:

      @Ashlee McCann It may seem rude, but he has anxiety. He’s more often than not uncomfortable and anxious during interviews. Hence, the less eye contact. I struggle with the same thing, and I never mean for it to be rude. It’s a hard thing to be having a convo with someone and worrying about am I talking too much, did I say something wrong, did I lose eye contact. My brain can only focus on so much lol. Its not malicious or intentional. He reaches out to “the crowd” because it’s comfortable. He’s not talking to any one person. I know those feels too.

    • Tychus says:

      It’s because hes a typical celebrity gathering his power off the attention of the audience

  19. Génesis Curiel says:

    Ok but did I anyone pay attention to the whole “Pilot Pete at church “ thing🤔🤔🤔 did he just reveal who he ends up with?…. I mean Madison is the very Christian one, it wouldn’t surprise me if he and Maddie were there.

  20. Cindy L says:

    Side note for all my bachelor fans: Peter must be with Madi after that “we saw him at church the other night” comment!

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