Justin Bieber Emotional Speech “God Is In The Midst Of Darkness” One Love Manchester

Justin Bieber Emotional Speech “God Is In The Midst Of Darkness” One Love Manchester

“God Is In The Midst Of Darkness”

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20 Responses

  1. Lola Siebert says:

    are you going to post the video when he’s singing?

  2. pcquest12 says:

    How could anyone seriously dislike this video? Justin is such a loving person his heart is full of love he’s so precious and loving how can you not see that???

  3. Luana Oliveira says:

    Alguém traduz esse video por favor💓

  4. E.D says:

    I can’t believe that in moments like that people are so heartless and they want to make jokes about a guy who went there for a good reason.Justin is the sweetest guy ever and what he did was awesome.We love you❤️

  5. Karleienny Medina Sojo says:

    Alguien que lo traduzca a español🙏🙏🙏

  6. Dani3po says:

    What god? Your god? Their god, in the name of which they killed so many people?

  7. Fiona Fenelon says:

    fuck god he aint real, god is the reason those kids died, religion is bullshit the sooner you learn that the sooner you can start LIVING FOR NOW

  8. Cate Baker says:

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 amazing Justin, God Bless you!!!!.

    For all of you saying that that god killed those kids, you are completely wrong, that god is not JESUS, Muslims DO NOT BELIEVE IN JESUS, JUSTIN DOES! .. that’s it. the God that justin is talkimg about is Jesus. period

  9. Seedy04 says:

    police officer dancing with the children is just absolutely perfect, i’m so glad that was on camera, evil never wins. well done

  10. Milia A says:

    @0:16 that right there is very emotional, sweet, heart warming, funny and adorable. There is God, serve the right God.

  11. Faith Rox says:

    God? Fuck off. Only person that will make a difference is the one who shoots all those mother fuckers in the head.

  12. Rebekka Winkler says:

    That must of taken a lot of courage to say where in a world more and more hate is being thrown to religion

  13. Honey Lover says:

    Justin bieber is talking about our God the God of the Christians the Only God . Now bring the hate .

  14. wordyshadows says:

    Weird how everyone who is saying “God doesn’t exist” follows by saying a hateful statement/opinion on him. For example: “God doesn’t exist – he’s a dickhead who doesn’t care about anyone”


    whether you accept it or not. God exists.
    Deep down you know it. Even if it’s deep deep down. When you die – I think we both know you’re going to want to see your creator/the afterlife and not rot inside some grave.

    Don’t front for the internet, if you were in a plane which was about to crash you would start screaming “God please save me”

    God always has and always will be.
    God is immovable.

    Well Done to Justin Bieber for not being a coward and standing up to this world who will always hate God and/or find a way to discredit this worlds creator.

    End of discussion 🙂

  15. Bob Brigglet says:

    Absolutely disgusted by this comments section. I’m not the biggest bieber fan but I can respect his religion and this inspiring and hopeful speech. Whether you believe in god is irrelevant, please can we all come together to remember those who have lost their lives and unite and love one another, despite the terrorists.

  16. Anthony Sims says:

    Saying God doesn’t exist is foolish. But, claiming to know and understand God is just as foolish.

  17. Kitty says:

    This comment section is pure cancer. This is a tribute to all the victims and there’s people arguing and blaming a whole religion for what a group of extremist done. They are using religion as an excuse to carry these attacks. I got Muslim friends that have said there’s nothing in the Quran that calls for the killing of innocent people. We need to stand together and stay strong not hate on innocent muslims becuase that’s what Isis wants.

  18. Ghana Beauty says:

    Guys let’s just stop giving these haters in this comment section attention. We know the underlying message to take from this and that is love conquers all and God is love. Haters continue hating my friends, continue.

  19. Brooke Henry says:

    god is amazing, he has reasons for everything, even though the was a terrible thing he has a plan.

  20. Living Like Larry! says:

    This comment section is the reason why we’re failing as a species…

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