Justin Bieber Explains Why He Got Emotional During the VMAs

Justin Bieber Explains Why He Got Emotional During the VMAs

Justin Bieber talks to Jimmy about the emotions that led to his tearful 2015 MTV Video Music Awards performance.

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Justin Bieber Explains Why He Got Emotional During the VMAs

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20 Responses

  1. tharana nandupa says:

    he is a great young man….

  2. Trancehead says:

    now that he grew up he actually matured. Much respect for the kid and
    hopefully he stays with a good attitude. Hopefully he hangs with the right

  3. faisal !!! says:

    In 2 years he will be forgotten…hopefully.

  4. Jasmyn Do says:

    You should’ve made him a guest on eww!!!

  5. Priscilla Semphere says:

    When will Jimmy’s finger heal, though?

  6. Grant White says:

    I find it funny when people think he’s changing, he’s only adding to the
    pile of bullshit you people are believing. “I cried because it was so
    emotional for me … Blah bablah blah blah” shut up! It’s just a ploy to
    get people to buy into it, buy his album, get him attention, and if he
    screws up again BOOM! Right back to where he was again.

  7. Fantasynr1 says:

    When he say “Lithuania” I was like “what.. what? I’m from there!” :D

  8. Joshua Micah says:

    Seeing Justin Beiber as an adult makes me feel really old.

  9. gamingsfinest1 says:

    Great now I’m going to have to rewatch the video to find something I can
    hate on. His knees were exposed? I got nothing:(

  10. Callum says:

    ha nah he’s still trash.

  11. martina emad says:

    omg he forgot the date XD that’s cute ^-^ i love him so freakin’ much

  12. Sakiya Bieber says:

    Aww I will always be a bileber. #WEREFLAWLESS

  13. Alexis Winley (Lexi) says:

    I always loved him!!!

  14. O'shea Smith-Traylor says:

    You just happen to be a bulldagger.

  15. milan #R80 says:

    I don’t care if he did grow up I still hate him no matter what he fuckin do

  16. Mayara Leal says:

    I love you Justin Bieber ??

  17. Shirin Mohammadian says:

    Now I’m emotional.

  18. Joe Banks says:

    I’m an older man. Do I like Justin Biebers music? Not really- the majority
    of it is corporate controlled crap-, but I fully realize every generation
    has their own tastes in music.I didn’t watch the VMA’s because they just
    become another platform for all these self serving, egotistical narcissists
    to try to display themselves. The way Miley Cyrus was dressed was just
    pathetic. And its idiots like Jimmy Fallon that try to stroke these people
    in order to get TV talk show ratings!The whole celebrity worship culture is
    so out of control in America. And the people only have themselves to blame
    by throwing their attention and dollars at these vapid characters!

  19. Ehsan Mohammadi says:

    Correction : No, Justin 1:23 “…. becoming the woman i wanna become…”

  20. Jordan L says:

    Why is Jimmy talking to the air?