Justin Bieber Fist Fight Video!

Justin Bieber Fist Fight Video!

Justin Bieber got into an all out street brawl with a guy much bigger than him Wednesday night in Cleveland.

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20 Responses

  1. Mental Gear says:

    Little shit probably had it coming.

  2. Star Lord says:


  3. Tony Tinoco says:

    BRUH he’s a fucking singer not a damn fighter what you expect y’all
    dumbass?? For him to win? BRUH take me to that grown ass fat fuck and I’ll
    beat his ass straight up! I live in Salem or names Tony Tinoco come find me

  4. iKoreaan says:

    Never say Neeeevvverrr

  5. martin paraiso says:


  6. Simão Santos says:

    This guy is a dickhead!!!!!!!!!

  7. TooSaltey says:

    dont like my comment..

  8. Luan Gabrielson says:

    Uh Vai Morreeee kkk UFC Feeling’s

  9. orangeflip says:

    shitty videographer

  10. Ejo Zajo says:

    low LVL

  11. blacky salamanka says:

    There´re two types of people In the world, the ones who film horizontally
    and the moron of the video.

  12. Agnes Victoria says:

    The guy hit him first and Justin defended himself! And you guys are hating
    on him? You’re gonna hate on someone who’s on the ground, getting beat up?
    Bruh, that’s fucked up..

  13. Jerry Shea says:

    A street fight is’nt Queensbury Rules inside the Sqa Circle..Only a
    Skillful Tough lean/skinny guy can Throw a Punch up close like that against
    a far larger opponent &expect 2make a impact..He’s watched 2many video

  14. Jonathan Johnson says:

    at the end of the day it is Wat it is

  15. Derp S. says:

    Se fodeu c:

  16. hal trapper says:

    Not the biggest beiber fan but he was defending himself against a guy twice
    his size. Its cool he at least tried to fight back. Whats the big guy gonna
    prove by beating up beiber? The big actually throws weaker punches than
    beiber. lol

  17. Dominus says:

    lol fucking fag

  18. Mart Ian says:

    Say what you want about Bieber but he just initiated a fight with a black
    guy twice his size. Props Biebs.

  19. THE NICES says:

    IDGAF justin got his. Just because hes Justin Bieber don’t think shit
    sweet. My man bieber punched the shit out of this cat and i love it. Fuck
    all bieber haters.????

  20. TheVlogCatalog says:

    Wonder how much this dude got paid for this video lmao