Justin Bieber & James Corden’s Post-Grammys Drive

Justin Bieber & James Corden’s Post-Grammys Drive

After two successful Carpool Karaoke drives through Los Angeles, James Corden calls on Justin Bieber to help him get from the Grammy Awards back to Television City to host an episode of The Late Late Show.

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20 Responses

  1. Ahmed Khan says:

    Give Kanye a billion

  2. Yannik Schäfer | Photography says:

    For the record, I was here befor it went viral.

  3. Emelie Sjöquist says:


  4. Яapнaєl says:

    Can you stop doing JB, and do an actual good artist…like Beyonce.

  5. Melissa Gómez says:

    I want to see Tori Kelly. :)

  6. LivingForTheJoker999 says:

    Jimmy has Justin, and James has…well erm…Justin ?. I think that
    everyone clearly needs a “Justin” XD.

  7. Aviv Hakmon says:

    I love you so much!!!

  8. lazykeoh12 says:

    How much does James want to be be Biebers Buddy !!!!!… Christ man get
    your head out of his ass !!!

  9. Ryan Jackson says:

    He should do this with jess Glynn

  10. Debola Olashore says:

    Based on the lack of attention in the comment section, I am assuming that
    that is genuinely how Americans pronounce Maldives (btw I am British)

  11. Saw xDrft says:

    wtf is the Mall Dives; Maldives.

  12. Victoria Frank says:

    Justin and James are just like Justin T and Jimmy Fallon! Love it.

  13. Melek Brini says:

    Gotta PISS myself im so pretty hahahahaha

  14. Xan Fernández Urdiera says:

    it was not postgrammys hahahahah

  15. Lily Owen says:

    Love the new version of Uptown Funk! Can we buy it on iTunes
    ?!?! X

  16. I'm Vince Arvin says:

    their so handsome ,, and james is an awesome singer right??

  17. HaniFarps - CSGO & MORE says:

    I was here before 500k views

  18. karen Paredes says:

    Shane and Trevor may I say no more ??

  19. Vera Eckett says:

    How is james not in a band cuz I would

  20. Rebeckamaria03 says:

    Justin, we ALL know that you’re hot?❤️