Justin Bieber leaves the stage in rage after yelling at his fans

Justin Bieber leaves the stage in rage after yelling at his fans


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20 Responses

  1. YouTube UNwrapped says:

    Acted like a true kid! Things don’t go my way so I’m out of here.

  2. nebbie13 says:

    That moment when you’ve finally had enough of retarded teen girls and all
    their bullshit and just snap.

  3. UncleBob says:


  4. _ Hans _ says:

    Justin finally realized how shitty his fanbase of horny preteen girls is

  5. blue dream says:

    Him and his fan base are truly dumb asf

  6. Nine Lives Butt Works says:

    They just wanna get in yo pants Biebuh.

  7. ray haan says:


  8. Mr. Marlboro says:

    woah jb is so cool

  9. Mr. Doom says:


  10. Neha Jain says:

    this is the real justin beiber -___- rude arrogant to fans :// this is what
    people have to realise.
    he didn’t even once think that people have paid so much to see him live.
    he just walked.
    no one (1D, austin, ed, 5sos) treats their fans this way.

    p.s – even after this, he gets ema for biggest fans -.-

  11. Steven Lee says:

    what a pathetic faggot lmao

  12. William Matthews says:

    he’s in his twenties and still has a prepubescent voice and uses “yo” 20
    times in a sentence?

  13. Marshall Eriksen says:

    How is this dude 21 and still sounds like a 12 year old

  14. sir MAXX says:

    Guy needs some anger management.

  15. Sarang Jogi says:

    Looks like someone had to clean up for the first time in their lives. Funny
    how it took this long for him to realize his annoying fanbase. Get the
    staff to clean that shit next time, just like how they clean his mansions.

  16. Antonio Astudillo says:

    That’s what they get for not listening lol

  17. Johnny Appleseed says:

    Aww poor baby, probably was some 17 year old girl pussy juice and get paid
    six figures. I would’ve gotten on my hands and knees and drink it like a
    cat would milk.

  18. aze606 says:

    underage bitches touching a 21 year old. how shittier can society get

  19. 1zombie4v says:

    Donald Trump’s bastard child

  20. ToyHunter Joe says: