Justin Bieber Performs ‘Sorry’

Justin Bieber Performs ‘Sorry’

Justin took the stage at his outdoor concert to perform his new hit song!

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20 Responses

  1. Nick Spaloss says:

    Where was this LA?

  2. Alexis Alexis Plyler says:


  3. Alice Peet says:

    He really is an angel

  4. Ysabella Villanueva says:

    Go justin

  5. Shiane M (smorxo) says:

    I mean, taking a few pics to remember the moment isn’t bad but throughout
    the entire show would probably be annoying but he should be use to it by

  6. Ji$elle says:

    He is so fucken hot 💖😍love you ellen

  7. fiorella yadhira says:

    dlkasjlksaj gringas oxigenadas si yo pudiera estar ahi..ya me hubiera
    subido al escenario a besar al ruziooo!! jeje y otras cosas 7u7

  8. Springview2011 says:

    It’s like he’s reading his lines, not singing. Sorry! LOL

  9. Alyssa Carlos says:

    a little flat but still good

  10. Astro eclipse says:

    Good song but still dislike him

  11. Liliana V says:

    ugh i cant wait to see him in march 😭

  12. Zonda _ says:

    Fuck Best Fiends.

  13. Jordyn Gilliard says:

    Yassssssss!!!!!!!! Love this song!!!!!! GO JUSTIN DO YOUR THING

  14. ADNA ADAM says:

    I will sing this song to my parents when my report card comes 😂😂

  15. Libertarian Realist says:

    Prepare for comments about how much Cell Phones suck

  16. Lucas Diorato says:

    justin bieber sorry <3

  17. nicki ruby says:

    he is such an artist!!!! Awesome job JB

  18. Faith Choo says:

    I’m back to Beliebing after not following his music for the past 3 years
    cos this seems like his best era yet.

  19. Riya Anwar says:

    Justin has talent, no matter the hate

  20. lizvette menendez says:

    I would love my 5 year old to be able to see him we were just watchimg his
    video and he said im his biggest fan mommy awww ….