Justin Bieber – Sorry | Ten Second Songs 20 Style Cover

Justin Bieber – Sorry | Ten Second Songs 20 Style Cover

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My name is Anthony Vincent and I’m the voice of Ten Second Songs. Last month I put up a status asking you to suggest who you thought were the greatest musical artists. Using only your suggestions, here is Justin Bieber’s Sorry in 20 styles… ENJOY!

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Music Produced & Performed by Anthony Vincent at Zedalza Studios in Port Chester, NY

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20 Responses

  1. Jorge Ávila says:

    On the five finger death punch one, this is a cover of a specific song or
    just some generalism about how the band sounds? if its the first, can
    someone tell me the name of the song? thanks.

  2. spencer christy says:

    style- iron maiden song- ace of spades by motorhead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. Funny Edits says:

    That milli vanilli refernce wow amazing

  4. Jimbob1337 says:

    Disturbed’s ‘Down With The Sickness’ in 20 styles!!!

  5. Durzo Blint says:


  6. Red Panda Jax says:

    O.o that nickelback style was practically the same as the real thing, and
    thats a little creepy

  7. jimmyface71 says:

    That was a lot of fun to watch! Thanks Anthony!

  8. Shane Wicher says:

    That hair is so damn beautiful and luscious, he looks like a rock and roll

  9. Uunamedd says:

    Nooo please dont start with the “comedian” stuff, it really takes awesome
    the awesomeness from you!! PLEASE

  10. mubassam alam says:

    please make an SOAD version !

  11. Rodolfo Marques Bombonato says:

    Oh my good even his beard changes with the styles.

    You are awesome, man!

  12. Alfie871 says:

    The U2 impression was so boring…. ohhh its exactly like U2 x)
    I joke, great video Vincent!

  13. SummerSFX says:

    Who the hell put Nickelback as one of the greatest artists? Wow, just wow.

  14. Shastania says:

    Excellent video… but I find your lack of beard disturbing.

  15. helpmycatsonfire says:

    Trolling WIN

  16. B0ssm4nCi4r4n says:

    Kiss version would be fuckin’ unreal

  17. Laura Padron says:

    so awesome.

  18. sweettkt says:

    Glad you finally did five finger death punch style

  19. MsBasketballDancer says:

    I want Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley as styles!!!

  20. Masticore x says:

    I have a feeling that people were trolling when they had to list the top 20
    acts … atleast I hope so