Justin Bieber Takes Over the Monologue

Justin Bieber Takes Over the Monologue

James Corden’s pre-show ritual is cut short when he realizes Justin Bieber has dropped in to take over the monologue.

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20 Responses

  1. I Tell Myself Secrets says:

    I know he has changed and Is a better person but I still think he’s a douch

  2. Viva La Internet says:

    James has been sucking a lot of beiber dick lately

  3. Rosa Angelica Utani Suarez says:

    justin the best ??

  4. Shamia Millerden says:


  5. Jessica Morales says:

    Hes so cute<3

  6. Mayren Chima says:

    amo a este hombre #JustinBieber

  7. authenticards says:

    everyone taking shots at hilary. Fuckin bitch lol

  8. Mrs. Bieber says:

    oh my gosh Juju is sooo cute ???

  9. Amanda Shepard says:

    I came here for Reggie Watts.

  10. siti mariam says:


  11. Crys Olmos says:

    He’s so fucking hot ??

  12. Hayley K says:

    I think the fact that a large majority of the general public (myself
    included) initially found Justin bieber to be an absolute nuisance but now
    myself and a lot of other older people are enjoying his music definitely
    shows the guy actually has talent. He had a lot against him, probably just
    because of his age I think and because his songs just sounded whiny and
    irritating back in the day, but he’s worked to come out on top.

  13. Quazerty says:

    i wont do shit if I reach 1,000 subscribers, but it’d still be great.

  14. Kathelyn DaSilva says:

    James = dad Justin = son

  15. NitsujRelis says:

    Damn, dude. Killed it. Pleasantly surprised.

  16. Salma Izzatii says:

    Norak banget

  17. Kasey Marie says:

    um that neck boy whatttt

  18. Jacob Bevins says:

    Wtf is a “yeahwho?”

  19. Matilde Palumbo says:

    Nice hair cut

  20. Annah Costa says:

    it’s awesome jb