Justin Bieber: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

Justin Bieber: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

The Tiny Desk is working from home for the foreseeable future. Introducing NPR Music’s Tiny Desk (home) concerts, bringing you performances from across the country and the world. It’s the same spirit — stripped-down sets, an intimate setting — just a different space.

Stephen Thompson | March 17, 2021
If you were to apply one of those “how it started / how it’s going” memes to Tiny Desk (home) concerts — which began, it turns out, almost exactly one year ago — you’d have, under “how it’s going,” the image of pop superstar Justin Bieber as he and his band perform the world premiere of a new song called “Peaches.”

“Peaches” will exist in a significantly different form when Bieber drops his new album Justice on Friday — the track will feature guest vocals from GIVEŌN and Daniel Caesar — just as “Holy,” another song from Justice, opens this set without the presence of guest Chance the Rapper. But Bieber’s Tiny Desk set, performed with the aid of We the Band, provides the fullest taste yet (fully 25 percent!) of the singer’s sixth album, whose singles have already been streamed hundreds of millions of times.

Bieber has had a massive month as he prepares for Justice to drop: March 2021 began with the singer’s 27th birthday and recently produced his second career Grammy, as he took the prize for best country duo or group performance for “10,000 Hours” with Dan + Shay. It continues with this, his Tiny Desk debut. Friday, the next chapter officially begins.

“Hold On”

Justin Bieber: vocals, keys
Harv: bass
O’Neil “Doctor O” Palmer: keys
DJ Tay James: DJ
Robert Taylor: drums
Julian McGuire: guitar

Video: Nick Demoura, Mike Drew, Rory Kramer, Aaron Kroger, James Coker
Audio: Jim Ebdon, Dylan Ely, James Roach, Chris Houghton, Taylor Meyer
Production Manager: Chris Gratton
Camera Operators: Austin Wavra, Daniel Mardoyan, Noel Galan
Lighting Tech: Jim Mecsery

Producer: Bobby Carter
Video Producers: Maia Stern, Morgan Noelle Smith
Audio Mastering: Josh Rogosin
Tiny Production Team: Bob Boilen, Kara Frame
Executive Producer: Lauren Onkey
Senior VP, Programming: Anya Grundmann

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57 Responses

  1. NPR Music says:

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  2. cookie22100 says:

    Can we get a thumbs up for the band? Their music abilities are crazy diverse.

  3. Rob Brown says:

    Even if you’ve hated this dude at one point, if there’s not at least 5% of you that don’t admire his resilience, you gots no heart.

    • Daniel DeSouza says:

      @Zoey Taller people hated him because people are dumb. Media hype isn’t an excuse to hate on an artist.

    • iamiykeee says:

      hey guys I just started doing piano covers please check me out ❤️

    • Daniel DeSouza says:

      @Bike no. If you say you hate a system,direct hate at the their management. Not them as individuals,they face alot of pressure and the brain dead part of society always adds more.

    • Papi Chulo says:

      @Bike Well of course, you’re nobody now days unless you’re a victim.

    • Titan Cribbing says:

      I grew up with his mom and dad and he’s legit at everything he does.

  4. jenndac says:

    I still can’t believe his album Purpose hasn’t won a Grammy that year. I just hope Justice gets the recognition it deserves

  5. La Rocola says:

    The band + Justin’s voice never dissapoints

  6. La Rocola says:

    Shout out justin one of the realest celebs out there he shows himself the way he is with imperfections and mistakes, he accepts his faults and grow from them I wish him the best

  7. avantgardevegan says:

    you cannot deny his raw talent, go on JB. incredible band too

  8. Orphenia__ says:

    Justin is killing it, really showcasing his full musical talent with an incredible band.

  9. Jess x says:

    I believe this is going to be one of his best albums. All his singles are good. And these collabs on the albums look really exciting. I’m so ready for this album.

  10. lamont dunn says:

    Haters gon hate but they can’t take the gift God gave him. Voice is one of a kind.

  11. Nicholas Light TV says:

    that performance of “Anyone” was a masterpiece. Especially with the band!? HOLY SH..

  12. Julia Roshambo says:

    I love how tiny desk lovers can see a Justin Bieber tiny desk and seem to be able to watch it objectively. Bieber is not my favorite but it’s so fun to see such big artists doing simple sets with AMAZING bands.

    • Mira says:

      yes! i haven’t listened to him in years but, he did amazing in this performance. you can genuinely tell he’s enjoying himself

  13. YaBoyPsycho says:

    Crazy how I wasn’t a big fan of JB back in the day but now I respect the incredible talent and dig this concert

    • Alexia Chinn says:


    • Josephdip says:

      Get outta here. He don’t want your support. Why all of Sudden. His music has always been good. U just hating cuz everyone was

    • Alexia Chinn says:

      @Josephdip Even Justin admits that he wasn’t the best person years ago, so of course he’s going to win over new fans as he & his music matures.

      I myself, like to be made into a fan. I don’t just jump right on the boat. I like to see if it floats first.

  14. gabebondoc says:

    between JB’s evolution and THE BAND man. this is so fire

  15. YaBoyPsycho says:

    Peaches was fire 🔥

  16. YaBoyPsycho says:

    I love these Tiny Desk concerts🔥

  17. SimplySpoons says:

    Peaches was super wavy.. He needs to go in that direction!

  18. jenndac says:

    I’m glad people can see and admire Justin’s work. This man is pure talent. His shows have always been incredible and I just hate that people think they are mediocre, they think that he is like any other male singer nowadays who just stands on an empty stage to sing like … you just have to google purpose tour, believe tour or even the new year’s concert he did with t-mobile if you want something more current to see the quality of his concert performances justin bieber is an amazing artist, one of the best of our generation and he shows it with everything he does

  19. Good Music says:

    Honestly biebers maturity is really impressive. His music still isn’t necessarily for me but I definitely respect him and his career. His talent for melodies and his voice are top tier for pop music

  20. JRR PJ says:

    New Justin Bieber album “Justice” drops THIS Friday March 19. Hope you guys can check it out. The song peaches 🍑 is going to be on that album, the song features Daniel Caesar and Giveon 🔥🔥🔥

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