Justin Fiddler. Stiletto hammer tricks, Master

Justin Fiddler. Stiletto hammer tricks, Master

via YouTube Capture

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20 Responses

  1. spoofer20 says:

    I thought the whole point of the hammer was to be unbalanced so its easier
    to strike with force. A balanced hammer wtf, I’ve never even seen that and
    I’ve worked in a hardware store for years.

  2. mahes says:

    i thought this video was going to be “working” tricks. Who’s time is this

  3. John Doe says:

    Must be a union job site. Otherwise, there wouldn’t so much free time to
    learn hammer tricks.

  4. HisNoLifeQueen says:

    i think its about a half gram heavy on the back end

  5. PoorDummIdiots says:

    Playing with his hammer too much fired.

  6. M Anto says:

    quit fucking around and get back to work!

  7. Mash Breaks says:

    I will put money on it that this guy, at some point in his life, was a
    cocktail bartender

  8. decoy boy says:

    If he ever quits building, he can take his act on the road. 

  9. jerrylittlemars says:

    Nailed it!!!…..

  10. Reza Montazer says:

    Only weak sissies buy Stiletto hammers. “Oh no, I can’t lift a 28oz so I’ll
    buy a 14oz Stiletto and shove some tampon in my pussy”.

  11. osumoni says:

    Obviously a union “worker”

  12. ThePinoyMamba says:

    get back to work

  13. Capone Dickson says:

    nice lol

  14. Assassin 404 says:

    well now what, is he going to hit the nail or keep having fun with them

  15. Alifidy says:

    The new kendama

  16. Karen Smith says:

    ok but where are the shoes?

  17. AppleOnly247 says:

    That’s cool and shit but it was recorded vertically

  18. Matthew Gately says:

    to all the people calling him lazy or a union worker, he could just be on
    break PS non of you keyboard warriors could ever work construction because
    you are too weak.

  19. Brad Silvers says:

    Now do it left handed

  20. November says:

    This video is getting quite a few hits. It was at the head of my youtube
    page. Nice to see oddball videos clawing their way to the top and getting
    a handle on things. I hope it nails down its place in history and won’t
    get the shaft. I give it two swollen thumbs up.