Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick Are Gutted About Bake Off – The Graham Norton Show

Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick Are Gutted About Bake Off – The Graham Norton Show

Justin Timber-bake anyone?

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20 Responses

  1. AdamC says:

    Just when I thought I couldn’t love Anna any more…

  2. Omega Basin says:


  3. Jason Rush says:

    shes gret

  4. CaptainGrumpy says:

    feels weird seeing Daniel at the end of the couch for once

  5. Eugene Grewing says:

    Anna make the best faces.

  6. Defence is an Art says:

    yeeeeeees . finally new season

  7. Neo Anderson says:

    oh I LOVE Anna Kendrick, she’s precious

  8. Shauna Cardwell says:

    I am so happy this show is back on

  9. El madrista says:

    Anna Kendrick looks kinda like Linda McCartney and Justin looks so much
    younger without the beard, great:)

  10. Ewa Grzybowska says:

    Omg!!! Yes finally Graham Norton is back!!! I missed this show so
    much?never clicked on a video so fast…

  11. Martha Anderson says:

    three you tube clips is just NOT ENOUGH. Welcome back GNS

  12. Bailey Bieganek says:

    ITS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praise ??

  13. lonestarfriend says:

    “And I can’t be worried about like ‘nobody likes you’ … butter and
    sugar!” So funny.

  14. Sam Kresil says:

    I dove even know why I keep seeing so many actors I`m familiar with on a
    meeting show lie Graham Norton.

  15. Graeme Gunn says:

    Wasn’t a great episode

  16. Alex Linian says:

    Harry Potter should never be at the end of the couch. Ever.

  17. David Smith says:

    Justin is one of the best singers ever, about time to have him on the show!

  18. zangetsu660 says:

    Justin should bring NSync back!!!!

  19. Carlos Zepeda says:

    does anyone else see the channels picture thumbnail a little bit
    three-dimensional…. or with a little deepness?

  20. Leo Pleasure says:

    Anna Kendrick is a weird combination of cute and hot.