Juventus 2-0 Inter | Ramsey and Dybala Seal HUGE Derby win! | Serie A TIM

Juventus 2-0 Inter | Ramsey and Dybala Seal HUGE Derby win! | Serie A TIM

Juventus took a huge step towards the Serie A title with a Derby d’Italia win thanks to goals from Aaron Ramsey and Paulo Dybala | Serie A TIM

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85 Responses

  1. BackyardFIFA says:

    Série a title race this season is insane but there won’t be any fans to see their team win

  2. Lil Zoro Vert says:

    The absolute limbs in the crowd tonight!

  3. crimsonv0s says:

    So weird without the crowds lol

  4. Julian Meyer says:

    i like that the stadium played a song after the goal

  5. James Borg says:

    DYBALA = MAGIC. What a player! #finoallafine #grazieragazzi

  6. Gaming Hack's says:

    Like Ronaldo and dybala Comment Lukaku and Martinez

  7. Nathan John says:

    Well played Ramsey

  8. prachurjya deka says:

    Cristiano missed his chance….but Forza juve..

  9. Muhammad Rahman says:

    Why did juve play inter in the etihad?

  10. Just TheJust says:

    Wanted to see cr7 goal celebration with that empty stadium so bad😂

  11. António Almeida says:

    Is to sad play a game without crowd…

  12. Kamaran2019 says:


  13. Elvi Nimali says:

    I know the fans weren’t supposed to turn up… but neither did Inter.

    Lazio-Juve game is now massive.

  14. Dangie Bro says:

    Is it me, or does anyone else enjoy the silence of the crowd and just the players talking?

  15. Alex Lobza says:

    0:10 Conte Already knew that he will be L 🤣

  16. Estefii Albornoz says:

    golazo De Paulito Dybala❤️🇦🇷🔥

  17. liton rahman says:

    Commentator: Mattia de Sciglio high class full back
    Mattia: I’m about to end my whole career

  18. Just Anthony says:

    “Mattia de Sciglio…, is high class of fullback..”
    Loses the ball instantly lol

  19. Scottimus Maximus says:

    De Sciglio just signed his own transfer papers with that mistake.

  20. Stevan Mardanez says:

    2:47 Mattia De Scilgio High Class Of Fullback

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