Juventus 2-1 Sampdoria | Ronaldo Double as Unbeaten Run Continues! | Serie A

Juventus 2-1 Sampdoria | Ronaldo Double as Unbeaten Run Continues! | Serie A

Cristiano Ronaldo scored a brace against Sampdoria to continue his team’s unbeaten run in Serie A.

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91 Responses

  1. Ankit Sah says:

    He could score many goals but juventus team is not good in attacking

  2. Eugenexs Paull says:

    When You Have ?CR7 In Your Team, Just Take A Seat Have A Cup Of Coffee And Wait For The Trophies.
    ?CR7?⚽???❤All The Way!!!.

  3. f2 freestylers says:

    Ronaldo is best

  4. Byron Baldwyn says:

    Literally only watch Serie A because of Ronaldo.

  5. Фернанду Кардозу says:

    I’m simple man.
    I see Ronaldo, I click. :v

  6. f2 freestylers says:

    If you think CR7 is better than Messi like my comment

  7. Ria adiel Asanami says:

    Ronaldo again and again where are the other. Juve begin to depend on Ronaldo

    • Chris Dingler says:

      Rip english , and you are so wrong man , Ronaldo is a really important piece on the team , but it’s not like he does it all

    • Rob A says:

      Martin Siedlecki juve only got better with Ronaldo let the blind think it’s only him on the pitch. What an amazing team juve has and I hope they win the champions they all deserve it. That way Ronaldo can’t be denied his 6th balon d’or.

    • Vincenzo Montalbano says:

      You got no idea what sport you are talking about…

    • Kid_evil#666 Motherfucker says:

      Ria adiel Asanami you clearly don’t watch juventus, Ronaldo is an amazing player but juve play good without him as well Ronaldo is just the icing on the cake

    • Phantom Knight says:

      True Juve was better last year…

  8. Satyam Singh says:

    Ronaldo fan plzz hit like if you want him to win next year ballon d”or ronaldo fans please hit like

  9. El señor Sarcasmo says:

    Like solo lo ves La Serie A por Cristiano Ronaldo

  10. Cristiano Ronaldo says:

    2:08 if that was a goal ????

  11. Imesh Udana says:

    2:05 what a strike from the KING CR7 !!!!!!!

  12. Ramos Tv says:

    La Juve nunca había lanzado tantos penaltis en una temporada..

  13. Farafina Show says:

    Ronaldo has brought more attention to Serie A again. This guy is a beast.

  14. Matthew Nbg says:

    As a barca fan Ronaldo looks more Happy at juve then Madrid the fans treat him better he looks like he’s having a amazing time at juve

    • Connor Simpsons says:

      Matthew Nbg ye you’ll enjoy playing when you don’t get booed even though you’re carrying a team

    • Paulo Barbosa says:

      +Connor Simpsons spot on dude ,well done Connor , when he was booed in Barnabéu ,all planet footbal alucinated ,how can that even happen with someone who carry the team during 9 years .the fans from Real Madrid do not support that he be Portuguese and not spanish.

    • bigollameo says:

      Well said.

    • Rob A says:

      Matthew Nbg probably not the team. I think he’s just enjoying himself right now, I mean he’s 34, doing what he’s always wanted, filthy rich, he’s still at the top of his game, things are going well for him. Who wouldn’t feel amazing.
      You’re just happy Barcelona doesn’t have to play him any more. Lol

  15. Aerocraft 9815 says:

    Judge: Have any of you won the
    Golden ball?
    Ronaldo: Yes, 5 times.
    Messi: Yes, 5 times as well.

    Judge: Have any of you won the
    Golden Boot?
    Ronaldo: Yes, 4 times.
    Messi: Same here.

    Judge: How many individual trophies
    have you each won?
    Ronaldo: 16.
    Messi: 13.

    Judge: Have any of you played for
    another club’s first team besides your
    current one?
    Ronaldo: Yes! Sporting CP in Portugal
    first division and Manchester United
    in BPL.
    Messi: No. Only Barcelona.

    Judge: Have any of you won a title
    with your national team?
    Ronaldo: Yes! We won Portugal’s first
    ever European Championship.
    Messi: No.

    Judge: How many goals have each of
    you scored for your respective
    Ronaldo: Should I count the goals
    I’ve scored for Man United and
    Judge: No. Only for Real Madrid.
    Ronaldo: 436 goals in 426
    appearances or 9 seasons.
    Messi: 539 goals in 625 appearances
    or 14 seasons.

    Judge: Who has scored more hattricks in La Liga?
    Ronaldo: Me. 35 in La Liga.
    Messi: Ronaldo has. I’ve scored 28.

    Judge: Which is the most prestigious
    competition in club football?
    Ronaldo: Champions League.
    Messi: Champions League.

    Judge: Have any of you won Champions League?
    Ronaldo: Yes, 5 times in total with 2 different teams. Once with Man United and 4 times with Madrid.
    Messi: Yes, 4 times as well with Barcelona only.

    Judge: Who has scored more goals in the CL between the two of you?
    Ronaldo: I’ve scored 118 goals in the CL.
    Messi: I’ve scored 100.

    Judge: Who has more assists between the two of you in the CL?
    Ronaldo: I have 39.
    Messi: Ronaldo has. I have 26.

    Judge: Who has scored more goals in total in the CL finals?
    Ronaldo: Me.
    Messi: Ronaldo.

    Judge: Which one of you have scored more free kicks?
    Ronaldo: I have.
    Messi: Ronaldo has.

    Judge: Most goals with weak foot?
    Ronaldo: Me, I think.
    Messi: (Nods in agreement).

    Judge: Most goals from outside of the box?
    Ronaldo: Me.. again.
    Messi: Ronaldo.

    Judge: Who has scored more headers?
    Ronaldo: Is that a serious question?
    Messi: …

    Judge: Who has a better penalty conversion rate?
    Ronaldo: I think I do. I’ve scored 82% of the penalties I’ve taken.
    Messi: I’ve scored 77% of the penalties I’ve taken.

    Judge: Which one of you have scored the most goals in total during your career?
    Ronaldo: I think I have. 647 goals.
    Messi: I’ve scored 603
    Judge: How many football records do each of you hold in total for both club and country?
    Ronaldo: 146
    Messi: 110

    Judge: Well, after analyzing all of the facts that have been presented to me. I can only draw one conclusion when
    it comes to comparing you both as football players. That conclusion is that Ronaldo is the better player in almost every category. When it comes to goal scoring and accolades for both club and country, Ronaldo
    comes out on top. Messi, you are without a doubt Barcelona’s best player of all time. But certainly not
    the world’s best ever. That is clearly Ronaldo at the moment.
    Messi: But I am younger than Ronaldo
    and haven’t played as many matches
    as him.
    Judge: I understand that, but until you surpass his goal scoring records and win as many trophies both individually and collectively as he
    has, then Ronaldo will, according to the statistics, be considered as the best football player of all time. Until
    then, keep pushing on and you just might be able to achieve just as
    much as Ronaldo.

  16. mike marcus says:

    I give the Ref a 10 out 10

  17. Captain Jack Sparrow says:

    2:12 just look at this thing. It would have been a memorable goal if that ball would’ve find the net.

  18. Muthu Kumar says:

    This game had a lot of drama but at the end it all came to a man called Cristiano Ronaldo #seize the night

  19. A Cool Guy says:

    Everyone’s here is literally talking about CR7…
    Dybala gets to play along 2 G.O.A.Tz??..
    How’s that for an achievement.????

  20. رونالدو جلاد اوروبا says:

    RONALDOOOOO the king ????????????????????????????????????❤?❤?❤??????????????

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