Juventus 3-0 Atletico Madrid (3-2 agg.): Champions League Recap with Goals and Best Moments

Juventus 3-0 Atletico Madrid (3-2 agg.): Champions League Recap with Goals and Best Moments

All the action from Turin as yet another Cristiano Ronaldo masterclass so Juventus comeback to defeat Atletico Madrid

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94 Responses

  1. frankie J says:

    Real Madrid fans really missing Ronaldo rn

  2. Alejandro Valdes says:

    Loving the champions league rn?

  3. Nicholas Colavita says:

    Forza Juve. What a game. This will never be forgotten.

  4. Luis Mercad says:

    I know what the headlines are going to read. I know what the people are gonna say. Ronaldo single handedly saves juventus with a hat trick, and yes there is some truth to that. *BUT* it would be a cruel *CRUEL, joke if Bernardeschi doesn’t get any credit. That man deserves at least as much credit as ronaldo. He had absolute control and it felt like he wad playing against six year olds. His crosses were perfection and his drives unstoppable. Give him credit Please *PLEASE*

  5. Mauricio Siliezar says:

    No surprise that Ronaldo scored the hat trick for the comeback ?

    • Cesar Magana says:

      +messiXtreme10 Gaming I don’t support any champions league and although the push was small it was enough to unbalance bernardeshi who definitely exaggerated quite a bit, but the penalty was fair.

    • Cesar Magana says:

      +messiXtreme10 Gaming it was a fair penalty exxagerated fall but you cant push any player inside the box and make them lose balance or it’s a penalty. I could see how it may not look like it but as a ref I would have called it pen if the same had happened with atletico Madrid.

    • messiXtreme10 Gaming says:

      +Cesar Magana the push was not enough to drop him, the only reason he fell was because he tripped on himself, watch it again and you’ll realize he kicked himself and fell

    • madhan biswa says:

      messiXtreme10 Gaming please go tell that to Barca players before coming here with a such a stupid thought. And yea nobody give fuck about u boii!

    • Cesar Magana says:

      +messiXtreme10 Gaming yes I understand but a push is a push no pushing unless shoulder to shoulder is allowed in the box.

  6. Venko says:

    This goes for all those people who kept saying Wolfsburg’s defense was not the same as Atletico’s defense, that Cristiano didn’t have Real Madrid to complete the comeback, that Juventus weren’t the right team and that Cristiano wasn’t the same player anymore. Well, he shut all those doubter’s mouths tonight. Cheers Cristiano and to all the true Cristiano fans out there. We win once more ?

    • Roger Bon says:

      Morata clearly pushed Chelini before the board came through but Ronaldo didn’t he leaned and jumped over

    • Techtonic X says:

      +Roger Bon No he didnt, that was so light, lol, there was absolutely nothing in it, even the commentary said that, Ronaldo’s goal was the exact same thing, poor defender got raped by Ronaldo

    • Pbperez 210 says:

      Glad Juventus and Ronaldo won but you are fanboying hard lol “true Ronaldo fans”?

    • Techtonic X says:

      +Pbperez 210 Uhhh, I dont think so, let them celebrate a outstanding performance

    • Pbperez 210 says:

      +Techtonic X clearly fanboying. Doesn’t care about the team just Ronaldo. He probably said the same thing when Ronaldo was on madrid. “We win once more” talking about the “true Ronaldo fans” lol. Why not congratulate the whole team?

  7. Chris Matias says:


  8. g4meboy13 says:

    Last 4 hat tricks on Atlético has been from Ronaldo

  9. Crazy Mario says:

    That game was all Federico Bernardeschi and Cristiano Ronaldo

    Correction: Both did amazing attacking…Matuidi and Cancelo did amazing defensively

  10. Attack Of The 9 Year Olds says:

    This hat-trick of Ronaldo could’ve saved Real Madrid from getting eliminated :v

  11. Ivan Saldaña says:

    Brah Atletico Madrid literally pissed off Cristiano , why would you do that brah?

  12. Jonathan Uraga says:

    If Juventus wins Champions league this year i feel bad for Buffon

  13. Sam Kim says:

    Tbh Bernadeschi and Ronaldo by themselves would probably have beat atletico

  14. Daniel Shu says:

    Before the game, Ronaldo said he will score a hat trick and he did. Credit to Bernadeschi as well. What a player!!!

  15. Rayin Ahsan says:

    The moment you realize when Real Madrid has been knocked out of 1/16 but Cristiano, San Iker, and Pepe are going thru

  16. OV says:

    this season its UEFA Comebacks League.

  17. Bentley Nguyen says:

    Atletico Madrid worst nightmare is Ronaldo. No matter how much answer they think they have for Ronaldo. He always find another way to score.

    • Catalina Salcedo says:

      I agree also the only plan that King Ronaldo did for the comeback is rejuvenate and execute the perfect attacking strategy by bringing Juve together as they must defend El Calcio Italia first before the Champions League quarter final KO phase starts. It is possible that both Juve and Man United will see each other once again also Captain Pogba would love meeting his former team in an emotional reunion on how he helped House Turin be the super campioni winning back to back championships with love although it would be nice for him to return to El Calcio Italia meeting CR7 and his old friend Paulo La Joya with love as brothers in arms.

  18. Ryan Cho says:

    I respect the hell out of Ronaldo. Hardest worker ever

  19. King Power says:

    How many times has Ronaldo knocked Athletico Madrid out of the champions league

  20. Squash Banana says:

    Remember when Real Madrid use to play for Christiano Ronaldo

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