Juventus 3-3 Parma | Gervinho Snatches Late Draw After Ronaldo Double | Serie A

Juventus 3-3 Parma | Gervinho Snatches Late Draw After Ronaldo Double | Serie A

Parma’s striker Gervinho double stuns Juventus | Serie A

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106 Responses

  1. RIP Belge says:

    Really good attack but bad defending without Chielini and Bonnuci. But more importantly Allegri is really bad

    • Fangroth says:

      That’s the second game, Juventus allowed 3 goals.
      It’s hard to win, if your defence keeps messing up that way.
      I was hoping they would win everything this year, unfortunately, that won’t be the case anymore.

    • Mihai Avr says:

      Khedira was trying to mark Barila but couldn’t keep pace with him

    • FirWiz Gaming says:

      +Mihai Avr and khedira miss like 2 chances

    • Sultan Enterprises says:

      Thank you no realizes Allegri is trash. They only look at the numbers. He gets us scrappy wins and the players don’t even look like they’re enjoying themselves

  2. Martin Tyrola says:

    Welcome back Mandzucic! also Cr7 was really good today. dribbling, chance creation, and scoring. But Juve’s defense is not in form at all ATM…

  3. Khalid Balogun says:

    amazing game by Ronaldo. waiting for chiellini and bonucci to return

    • Maximus3075 says:

      +NEYMAR Jr neymar ki ma ki chut. 0 ballon dor. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    • GAMING GF says:

      Bonucci is gr8. I don’t like him too much though

    • Sarath 14K says:

      +NEYMAR Jr madarchod messi

    • Jumanne Hart Hart says:

      @Khalid Balogun
      You know what is funny, Lionel had a much more decent game than Ronaldo in this game. But his (Messi’s) fans, said that his performance was below par. Even though he scored two goals!

      But then again it is for HIS standard.!! For others, it would have been an above average game!

      However Ronaldo’s fans saw this very AVERAGE performance and said, (as you just did), that he had an AMAZING game!!! Wow! Even though he lost and gave away so many balls!

      Boy, Ronaldo’s fans are really novices. You have the bar so low for your hero.

    • Gabriel Mohan says:

      Lv. 5000 Godot and a very beautiful, curler.

  4. theOG121 Si says:

    At least Ronaldo recovered from his match against chievo

  5. Ryon Fagon says:

    Ronaldo 17 goal
    Fabio 16 goals
    Zapata 15 goals
    Pietek 13 goals
    Milic 12 goals
    Immobile 11 goals
    Caputo 11 goals

    The caponcannoniere race is on fire

    • rubenkmkc says:

      *Messi 21

    • adriana g says:

      +Joel Joseph haha for your information both messi and ronaldo have missed 25 penalties each. First search your information before commenting ok?

    • alphonsine ngah says:

      elmexiastro and now he is running aftet penalty hourray i welcome to you missnalty yeaaah

    • Gupta General Stores says:

      +Chokdee Putin’s lunar rover is going to land on the moon to find evidence of apollo landing. They will find 5 balls that were supposed to be penalties by messi

    • alphonsine ngah says:

      Ryon Fagon and he scores all of it . retain one thing kick a penalty is one thing score it is another matter messi can more explain it to you better than me

  6. Sam Geee says:

    Ronaldo is having the best ever debut season for a juventus player and has been involved in 44% of all their goals. Amazing, 34 next week too.

  7. Johnny Tom says:

    I’m not a Juventus fan.
    But i came for Ronaldo goals.
    King CR7!!!

  8. 1G4L says:

    Allegri out…and Zidane in??? maybe it will happen if Allegri has bad ucl in knock-out stages.

    • Vince says:

      Those are not Juve fans talking but band wagon former Madrid ronoldo “fans”. Only a bandwagon would suggest something stupid like that like that. Welcome to Seria A fools. PS: Rather see Pirlo, Cannavaro ,Del Piero,Baggio,Nedved as coaches before zidane

    • steven lafferty says:

      +Chris Tan coz he plays the most boring footall out or maybe the players are just gash

    • 1G4L says:

      +kave foladi why??? lmao

    • Waleed Akmal says:

      Get a life man.
      Juve is having a great season with Allegri.

    • Chris Tan says:

      +steven lafferty Doesn’t matter. They are still unbeaten in the Serie A. Entertaining football or not, as long as he delivers the results. Are you going to complain if you win a season with most 1-0 wins? It doesn’t matter if it’s boring. As long as he gets the point(s) in a match. And please, define ‘boring’ football. Scoring 46 goals in 22 matches is boring? If that’s boring, what’s entertaining?

  9. Realest says:

    You know the reaction would be different if juventus came back from 3-1 down with a ronaldo double

  10. JON&FON Tv says:

    Where’s Szczesny???

  11. Josh R says:

    I know the defence is bad but maybe if szczęsny was in goal then they would have won??

  12. Conrad Janiszewski says:

    The goalie of Juve……….. no szczesny no save.

  13. Tomy Gordillo says:

    That goal by Gervinho was on point ?? (but no one is talking about)

  14. Fabio Mota says:

    Ronaldo + Mandzukic ? great assist, amazing goal! It‘s impressive that Ronaldo can jump so high and still be accurate, especially at that age.

  15. Deniz says:

    Where are all the Ronaldo haters? What Ronaldo has silenced them? Again? Dejavu….

  16. Defence is an Art says:

    no chiellini no party

  17. Hofl 1998 says:

    This game shows how important Chiellini, Bonucci and Szechny are. But Ronaldo was totally amazing Today. That is what u expect from a 5 times Ballon dor winner!

  18. Ricky James says:

    I realised ronaldo plays better with manzukic than dybala.

    • Meisita jo10 says:

      +333 they already score but defender not pay attention to the ball or player …. thata way make draw

    • Mohamed Raafee says:

      Yes of course dybala never give the ball to Ronaldo but Manzukic and Ronaldo are better Forward to score ?

    • Gupta General Stores says:

      +Utkarsh Shukla ALL TIME HIGHEST GOAL SCORER is a bigger merit than having more goals this season. Also all of dybala’s five goals have come against young boys. He hasn’t scored a goal since december 12th

    • Vesna Luetić says:

      +Santanu Dey that has nothing to do with his conversation, that was an attacker’s reflex as the ball moved fast towards him, and even if he did do it on purpose (he didnt) dybala is still selfish lol
      Dont be a moron

    • Little brave Stainee says:

      Whatever dyabala gets subtituted???

  19. Viral Videos says:

    Ronaldo and Mandzukic have really good chemistry. All they need to do now is sell Quadrado and Rugani and buy Marcelo.

  20. Megat Afiq says:

    Juventus need to buy Keylor Navas. Navas not deserve to sit on the bench

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