Juventus 4-3 Napoli | Juventus Beat Napoli in 7-Goal Tense Match! | Serie A

Juventus 4-3 Napoli | Juventus Beat Napoli in 7-Goal Tense Match! | Serie A

Juventus edge out Napoli in a thrilling 7-goal match, thanks to Danilo, Gonzalo Higuain, Cristiano Ronaldo and Kalidou Koulibaly. | Serie A

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63 Responses

  1. NaruHina TV+ says:

    What a great game for Hirving Lozano in his debut, hope he get well in this season with SSC Napoli!

  2. F1 77 says:

    Shiiiiiii… worse case scenario in football, that player must be devastated, hope he manages to get past this!

  3. Patrick Alfred says:

    Serie A has now become more interesting to watch than La Liga, what a game!!!

    • Tim Daime says:

      @Vrizk_Vrizk La liga is a Spanish cricket league ??

    • Thomasshole Müller says:

      Bruh both leagues are fantastic. Just like you I started watching this league last season and there are more thriller games.

    • Ebad Adil says:

      Yeah laliga is a league where osasuna can score 2 against barca….thats how tough it is
      Serie a is farmers league

    • freecellboo says:

      The CR7 effect???

    • MY name says:

      @Ebad Adil barca played bad so they drew. This does not explain anything about the league. Serie a is also tough this season, JUVE won a close 1-0 against Parma and now also it went very close. Some big teams, like napoli, Milan, roma have already dropped points.

  4. Forza Milan says:

    who noticed that all 3 goals for juve(without the og) were scored from former real madrid players??

  5. Fufu Ahmad says:

    Juventus players who has scored 3 goals are ex Real Madrid ?

  6. mr nobody says:

    Its like cr7 never left madrid he is playing alongside danilo khedira and higuain all former madrid players and ironically they were playing against former madrid coach carlo ancelotti

  7. GoldenJokered says:

    Cracking finish from Koulibaly, shame it was the wrong end.

  8. Loco Gutiérrez says:

    Ja, la cara del niño es una que dice: ¿Donde está mi SIIIII? ??

  9. Armellica says:

    0:15 Look at the spint from the 34 year old CR7!! this guy is a machine!!!

    • Mr Taco Bell says:

      @Sammy 10 if u see him closely, Ronaldo was behind him at first and ran all the way back infront

    • Tekniro says:

      @Sammy 10 he is douglas the flash costa… thats normal

    • Sammy 10 says:

      @Mr Taco Bell u guys mean a guy on ball with defenders chasing him is suppose to be faster than a guy who is running freely?? Cr7 fan boy logic smh. I highly doubt if any cr7 fan boy even ever tried to kick a football i highly doubt

    • Calla Lily says:

      @Mr Taco Bell you seriously comparing someone who in the ball running vs someone who isn’t? If Douglas Costa wasn’t in the ball, I bet he would be much faster, he is the fastest guy in the entire team after all, maybe only Hirving Lozano of Napoli could compared to him in this match.

    • Muhammed Jazeem says:

      @Sammy 10 hey u baby.. look at the age difference. Thats all we saying. He is still fast. Im sure dougles can’t run this much faster at the age 34. But Ronaldo can.. he is the real athlete.

  10. phoenixaayas ad says:

    Technically napoli scored more goals than juventus.

  11. freecellboo says:

    Step 1: pause at 00:14 and find Ronaldo.
    Step 2: now look at how Ronaldo sprints until 00:22 and at the age of 34. Just amazing. This is the result when you retain a top physique.

    You are welcome.

    • freecellboo says:

      Brandon C most 34 years old can’t sprint like he does. The other guy was right, that was the whole point. In order to sprint like him at the age of 34, you need to have a top physique. I’m 23, I go to gym regularly and I can’t sprint like him.

    • deep k says:

      @freecellboo oh boy you gotta be kidding me.if you keep up you physique at top level of course you can sprint like him there are million of people who can sprint fast like him at that age.

    • freecellboo says:

      deep k yeah right. Millions you say. Is there a study showing that or do you personally know millions of 34 year olds who can sprint like him?

    • Mat EVO7 says:

      @Brandon C Do u know how hard his workout is? I bet not just any normal human can keep up his daily regime

    • Khmer Wolf says:

      @Brandon C Are you American?

  12. Buzz Lightyear says:

    That turn and shot was world class from Higuain. He took Koulibaly out of the game ?⚽️

  13. Joshua Bongiorno says:

    I really feel for Koulibaly and Napoli. All that hard work undone by a completely unfortunate circumstance.

  14. Hariman 2019 says:

    Forza juve.
    Thanks for koulibaly ,keep strong

  15. Tech Mania LTD says:

    Why is series A people lower the voice of crowd and increase the volume of commentry… It should be 50-50 … ??
    Like premier league 10-90 lol

  16. Floyd The goat says:

    Napoli the Italian spurs choking is part of their DNA, though Juve will struggle without chiellini as we seen tonight.

    • Mr Henry says:

      Not at all, juve at 3-0 fell completely asleep . Should have and could have been 6-0 but juve without sarri on the sideline right now fell asleep, focus wasnt there. Also a big first match for de ligt so he did play well except that set piece defending. He was cramoing up at 70 minutes which tells that he is not used to this sort of training regime/playstyle yet.

    • Vaital V says:

      If Chiellini’s injury bothers him for the rest of the season, Juve aren’t touching the Champions League.

    • cool franky CR7 says:

      @Mr Henry you forgot to mention how de ligt didn’t cover Lozano and just let him in he also made that mistake not just set pieces

  17. ClaquerAuSol Video says:

    My girlfriend : I’m alone ! Come to my house 😛

    Me : 0:15 (look Ronaldo)

  18. DANCE 4200 says:

    What a comeback Napoli but bad luck for Napoli. Awesome goal by Cristiano Ronaldo ???


    *Napoli won the match ?? 4 Goals* ?????

  20. Fawwaz AB says:

    New celebration CR7 HAHAHA VAR LOL?

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