Juventus vs. Porto: Extended Highlights | UCL on CBS Sports

Juventus vs. Porto: Extended Highlights | UCL on CBS Sports

Juventus won the second leg 3-2, but Porto move on to the quarterfinal round thanks to away goals. Sergio Oliveira was the savior for Porto notching goals in the 19’ by way of penalty and in the 115’ to all but seal the win.

Chiesa notched goals in the 49’ and 63’ to get the offense going for Juventus. After Porto evened it up at 2, Rabiot found the back of the net just two minutes later to give Juventus some hope with three minutes remaining. Juventus almost rallied to score a stoppage time goal in extra time, however Porto’s defense stiffened and got rid of the threat.

Porto who was undermanned after Mehdi Taremi was sent off in the 54’ still managed to knock off the traditional power and make some waves in the UEFA Champions League.

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79 Responses

  1. Dr_ Negative says:

    Juventus tied, lost and won on the same day wow crazy

  2. X the rocket scientist says:

    the fact Porto played more than 70 minutes with 10 men in a game like this is mind blowing

  3. Da_ Kevoo says:

    If there’s anybody I feel bad for … It’s got to be Chiesa … mannn he put in his all, such an effort

    • Shugg Filmz And Studio says:

      @Tyrone Von but he choked today though, against a Portuguese team which isn’t even in the top 5 leagues in Europe. Disappeared in both legs. Against Liverpool Messi performed in the first leg and defense didn’t do much to maintain the lead same against Roma.

    • Vishaal Doppalapudi says:

      @Cowboy Wazowski he was on loan from them you idiot

    • Vishaal Doppalapudi says:

      @Ade ToVAR shut up Messi has to play with an ex-president who is an idiot and Ronaldo has very good talent around him I hate people like you Ronaldo has scored more penalties than Ronaldo even Ronaldo himself wouldn’t say something as stupid as this u stupid Messi hater u have the brain cells of an donkey

    • Noob Gamer34 says:

      @Tyrone Von Ronaldo also needs his teammates he was getting carried today only to drop a stinker

    • Michael Jr says:

      @Tyrone Von ronaldo is done stfu

  4. Rick Rordan says:

    We gotta praise Chiesa for what he did today he really looked like the only one that was trying to score.

  5. Quadeca says:


  6. Samuel Pearlman says:

    11:52 Pepe being the calm voice of reason?!?!!? 😂😂😂😂

  7. Arthur Logan says:

    Should’ve had a guy laying down for the free kick lol

  8. Ben Bacharach says:

    Juve’s tactics this game:
    Cuadrado and cross

  9. Davi Vieira says:

    The fact that Porto vs Juventus is one of the most thrilling games I’ve ever seen really makes me wonder about life.

  10. datboidiego says:

    This was the most entertaining match I’ve seen in a very long time

  11. XBrandonOfficial says:

    can we also recognize jesus “tecatito” corona for his skills and play making

  12. pxy online says:

    I was negative when Juve scored the 2nd goal and Porto with 10 men, I thought it was over for them. Kudos to these players

  13. KvnDWr says:

    6:28 Ronaldo switched up hella fast when he sensed that card coming 😂😂😂😂

  14. PLG 25 says:

    I feel so bad for Chiesa none of the other juventus players even tried

    • edgar de leon says:


    • Pablo Rodriguez says:

      Did you watch the game? CR7 sucked ass

    • Otiw says:

      @Ashen_Jes Cuadrado crossed so many times into the box that game. He played so well I just wish that shot didn’t hit the crossbar, would of been nuts

    • Edwin Colindres M. says:


    • Dubz707 says:

      @Edwin Colindres M. yes he was your the delusional one lmao Ronaldo was also at fault for the winning goal by Porto. I mean they teach you how to setup walls in youth teams. He turned before the ball was even hit wtf is that? Right Thru his legs goal. Worst game by him in a Juventus shirt.

  15. Rochelle Rendon says:

    All I can say, is that, Pepe was incredible showing his world class with that tackle.

  16. Schneed says:

    I was listening to “China in your hand” by T’Pau and the chorus came as soon as Chiesa’s header hit the back of the net. Perfect timing

  17. yoursumass _ says:

    Yooo this game felt like a final

  18. levoloh adama says:

    Hey Morata, How many times can you refuse to pass the ball to Cristiano ?

    Morata : Exactly

    • Gcastaldo 7 says:

      Juventus buys players that already know they have a limit always being cheap why would they buy morata when there is so many better options

    • Oscar Alvarez says:

      @Brandon Dunphy Wanna mention De jong’s dive then?

    • Nick Jimenez says:

      Morata is a little bitch. Still mad RM got rid of his ass bc he was getting in Ronaldo’s way. Get CR to PSG and don’t waste his last couple years at this hell hole of a side

    • Nick Jimenez says:

      @Brandon Dunphy yes the all time top scorer of UCL is “overrated” you don’t know shit. Ronaldo is on a shit side with a rookie coach who has no clue what he’s doing

    • Haider Mehdi says:

      @Adrian Almaguer bruh Ronaldo was the only player who wasn’t coming up and trying to get the ball and help force it up. He’s literally waiting for a good pass or just jogging around not helping with the press while Morata and Chiesa were doing that. He had no excuse not to bust his lungs this game. I love Ronaldo but this was such a bad game by him. He HAD to show up today yet didn’t. Against a 10 man team that the refs were basically bullying how could he not get into one god damn good position or make one good run forward with the ball at his feet? I saw more of Ronaldo in Chiesa than I saw in himself. Many Ronaldo fans will criticize Leo for not showing up in a game like this regardless of how he’s been performing domestically. Well the same applies for CR7 and to not show up in a game like this, which is the game his season relies on just shows him and Juventus don’t work. They need to rebuild and it’ll take a few years to do that, and he should just go to a team he will actually die for like he did for Madrid. So many times yesterday I saw Ronaldo jogging, far up the field, not helping the press but telling others to do it. Like dude go and help your team! If he can’t help create something at all then he shouldn’t be calling himself the best player right now because to drop deep and help with build up play is not a hard thing to do for a player of his quality. He’s done it before and I’m just shocked that he put such a disaster class yesterday as he didn’t contribute anything to the attack besides that “assist”.

  19. Psyköln says:

    7:58 Morata still flopping even when things go his way 😂

  20. Andrew Vazquez says:

    Marchesin is such an underrated beast. Sad to see he doesn’t get the recognition he deserves.

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