Kamaru Usman ‘In Good Spirits’ After Shocking Loss, Wants Leon Edwards Trilogy | TMZ Sports

Kamaru Usman ‘In Good Spirits’ After Shocking Loss, Wants Leon Edwards Trilogy | TMZ Sports

Former UFC welterweight champ Kamaru Usman is taking his knockout loss to Leon Edwards in stride … telling TMZ Sports he’s “feeling great” and looking forward to their trilogy fight.

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22 Responses

  1. tenebre911 says:

    Days later I still can’t believe what I saw. Nothing but respect for both these warriors 👏

    • Bdot Honcho says:

      😂 me and my cuz been saying everyday after the knockout, “bruh, I still can’t believe that shi happened” 🤣

    • Zack hamm says:

      I’m sorry but I can’t respect you if you not humble. This is fighting game u never know wat can happen and he be disrespecting his opponents like Conor. Ppl like that end up in the history garbage

    • Sal Marquez says:

      @Johnny Bravo I was really disappointed to see him pull another fake nut shot. That wasn’t cool.

    • Abdu says:

      The Nigerian nightmare hunt haters making the division asleep for many years. Now Leon wake them up with that devine wished head kick, then all who had trauma during their dream due to Nigerian nightmare started to sleep on him

    • Glen Woodcock says:

      I’m still processing it

  2. chusss Music says:

    I never liked the fighting styles of either Karamu nor Leon but I do respect both of them, I think the trilogy will be great.

  3. Rian Stanford says:

    Truly a mentally strong person and it shows more than ever in defeat

  4. Trevor Doge says:

    I *love* this man’s spirit. He always has a great attitude.

    You get a glimpse at a man’s ego during a win, but you see a man’s soul after a loss.

  5. Joe Gabaldon says:

    Best way to handle a loss! I’m happy to see him remaining light hearted about this. He acknowledged the fact that he has done this to people in the past and is just takin it on the chin humbly

  6. 玩笑 says:

    so glad he’s okay and taking it in stride. true warriors putting all on the line for our entertainment. always hope theyre as healthy as possible, physically and emotionally. leon’s story is incredible and couldnt be happier for him, but it makes it better that kamaru is happy and healthy for his family <3

  7. Benjamin Mccarthy says:

    Respect to Usman for the grace in defeat, no dumb excuses or long winded explanations for the outcome, just honour in defeat, good stuff!

    • Scott Fitz-Gerald says:

      It this video he says, “great shot” but calls it a Hail Mary. The latter implies luck. He should have just left it at great shot. Leon’s coaches were calling for it. He knew what he was doing. It wasn’t a Hail Mary.

    • Tiago says:

      Grace? He didn’t even shake Edwards hand after the bout and made a fuck gesture while he was announced as the new champ. Let’s forget about the fence grabbing when he was gonna get taken down and faking a low hit like he did to Colby. This guy is a clown and will never be bigger than Anderson Silva.

  8. Mukhtar P says:

    Respect man. What a great guy. In my eyes his stock has only risen. We go again champ 👊

  9. Avi Ragoobeer says:

    For the first time in a long time you actually have a beautiful moment in sports where there’s no animosity or hating. It’s just 2 warriors who appreciate the journey of MMA and it’s amazing to see. Much love

  10. Jannibunny says:

    Wow that energy of Kamaru gives me freekin’ goosebumps, so incredibly inspiring attitude, a true champion with a beautiful mindset, all the respect!!!

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