Kansas Tax Cuts: A Closer Look

Kansas Tax Cuts: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at the results of Kansas Governor Sam Brownback’s drastic tax cuts.
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Kansas Tax Cuts: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. Adam Day says:

    Kansas Tax Cuts: A Closer Smug

  2. jdstud6 says:

    Please do some videos on the status of cities like Baltimore, Detroit, or
    Chicago. You know…places that have been ran by democrats for years.

  3. Justin Green says:

    Are liberals fucking retards? Tax cuts are a compound investment on future
    returns. You can’t say, ‘They cut taxes and tomorrow a million jobs will
    open up!” Please come to the real world where things work out over time. A
    fat guy doesn’t lose all his weight in a single day. Be realistic you

  4. Blaice says:

    Can’t wait to move out of this suffocatingly close-minded, and imbecile
    filled state. It’s all the hicks in Western Kansas causing the ones in
    Kansas City (most Northeastern part of Kansas bordering Missouri) to
    suffer. Moving ASAP, should be out in a year RIP Kansas.

  5. 662chillin says:

    Even Bobby Jindal facepalmed Sam Brownback

  6. ThrawnCaedus L says:

    Obviously the tax cuts did not work for the budget (a big surprise when
    people complain about any government services being cut back (sarcasm)),
    but this show was pretty quick to dismiss the creation of 9,000 jobs. Maybe
    it wasn’t the amount they said would be produced (a politician
    exaggerating? Shocking (sarcasm)) but it is a positive step forward. As to
    how well the economy is doing, we would need to analyze many more
    statistics than were brought up.

    I understand it’s easy to demonize any action when only looking at the
    negative consequences, but I would be very interested in hearing the whole
    story before I call this a failure.

  7. Ayoub Berrahel says:

    If you search “Brownback” on Google Dictionary, Brownback will probably cut
    his name too.

  8. okrajoe says:

    Why am I reminded of Wilco’s song — Shot in the Arm.

  9. FatGirlFlow says:

    I was a proud supporter of the sex toy sale. Got about 200 dildos for $150.
    Anything for my state.

  10. Claudia Celeste says:

    It is so bad here the superintendent of the Shawnee Mission school district
    said in a meeting to the press and public; He doesn’t know if the school
    district will be able to open in Aug for the new school year.

  11. jar jar Binks says:

    The party that hates gays will sell you sex toys to make up for their
    failed god policies.
    The gop is dead; just like their dead zombie jesus

  12. joeyconservative says:

    Conservatives have declared the Kansas teabaggn experiment a success and
    ready to implement nationwide.

  13. aj lehnert says:

    They do know John Oliver mad a video on this about a year and a half ago…

  14. Keyuss says:

    The governor and the people in Kansas will still blame obama, the
    Republican voters are full of idiots. hell I can probably get elected there
    by only saying two words to them; jesus and god

  15. Paul D says:

    Are you getting your political knowledge from Seth Myers? If so, stop.

  16. Declan Dmitriev says:

    I live in Kansas and my mom works for the teachers. KU got cut for 12
    million, k-state 5 mil. There is talk that the schools won’t even open.
    That is why we are maybe moving. Thank You Shitback.

  17. mtn3634 says:

    The governor is right that tax cuts help small businesses, but he was wrong
    in that it would immediately lead to higher tax revenue. Kansas has a 4.1%
    unemployment rate, so job creation is not a problem compared to other
    states. The priority should be to cut government waste and balance the
    budget. Seth Meyers should stick to trying to be funny…

  18. Jimbo Jimmy says:

    Kansas voters always vote for their own executioner. Stupid right wingers
    and Republicans, an alliance from hell.

  19. Tempest Wing says:

    The jokes are so dumb that even the audience barely laughs.

  20. Bildo BildoBildo says:

    Such a load of bull.

    Texas has no personal income taxes and a relatively low business margins
    tax. It accounted for 100% of the job growth in the United States from 2007
    to 2014.


    I don’t know the particulars of why Kansas struggled. I do know that
    socialism will guarantee low growth, then stagnation, and eventual
    permanent decline.