Kanye West Booed at the VMAs

Kanye West Booed at the VMAs

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20 Responses

  1. Kris15716 says:

    Who is the guy at the VMA’s with Casey?

  2. allyson ramos says:


  3. roooa2312 says:

    This is one of your best vlogs!!

  4. 1zombie 4v says:

    Go away . You and trump can go suck each other off

  5. Bob Saget says:

    Man, i love casey when he breaks the rules with his gear :)

  6. Jordan Vu says:

    Song name 7:33 please anyone

  7. Romeo Hernández says:

    How much time did Kanye spent on stage????

  8. Bryan Berrios says:

    i want your life

  9. Pac Chalker says:

    Fuck off Nash!!!!!!! Still lov ya vids Casey. Great work on all of it

  10. masterxDh20 says:

    7:26 who are those girls?

  11. TheJuanAndOnly says:

    Better than having trump for president

  12. Marcelo Carranza says:

    you put a shot of my school in there

  13. Kathryn Never Speaks says:

    The wtfness of Kanye was extremely well-captured in this vlog lol.

  14. Tianhaku says:

    It took me two takes to finish watching this vlog. I stopped the first time
    cuz I was so jealous you were so close to Taylor Swift.

  15. Trey Robinson says:

    Anyone see Miley Cyrus niple

  16. Da Tube says:

    We’re back in New York and Kanye is still standing on stage
    It’s the 2020 presidential race and Kanye is still standing on stage
    We are retiring and Kanye is still standing on stage

  17. Darcey Rocha says:

    Who else thinks Kanye is a joke? i hope its all you smart people!!!!

  18. Comical Colin says:

    What I find funny is how Kayne makes a song about gold diggers then gets
    one pregnant…..hmmm

  19. BountyKiller 88 says:

    Is that guy from catfish ?

  20. Sunny says:

    My first and last video i watch on this channel. Next time you won’t use
    click bait