Kanye West Breaks Silence On Supporting Trump, Not Voting & Running For President in 2020

Kanye West Breaks Silence On Supporting Trump, Not Voting & Running For President in 2020

Kanye West – Saint Pablo Tour | San Jose, CA

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20 Responses

  1. Deadpan Lolli says:

    This is the same dude that called bush racist? The real Kanye is dead, the
    illuminati did it.

  2. PaperMario N64 says:

    I don’t dislike him because he has different opinions. I dislike him
    because I think he’s an idiot who thinks that he’s wayyyy more deep than he
    is. I found him annoying when he was ripping into Bush and I find him
    annoying when he’s praising Trump. It has nothing to do with winning or
    losing; democrats or republicans. He’s just a tool. These people paid to be
    ENTERTAINED; not lectured. Opinions aside, it’s the wrong outlet. And show
    up to your performances on time. Your time isn’t more valuable than other
    peoples’. Go back to begging for money from Zuckerbeg, moron.

  3. Kia M says:

    He’s so frustrating because it does sound like he has actual opinions but
    he is just so bad at thinking through how to express them

  4. Mario Costa says:

    Guy gets booed off stage because he said he supports the president…

  5. Asher Raza says:

    How do you get booed off stage for supporting the President of the United

  6. Lightspeed Retro says:

    I like Kanye now. I was a democrat, changed to Republican to Vote Trump.

  7. Blxzers says:


  8. Aaron Reining says:

    Celebrities need to stay out of politics, make a movie or something dude.
    Why do you think you could be the leader of the free world, other than to
    satisfy your own ego?

  9. Matthew Woolwine says:

    You know the Democratic Party has failed when Kanye West stands up and
    calls the political establishment on there bullshit.

  10. king james says:

    those people spent their money to see him perform, not to fuckin listen to
    him preach his views. They deserve their money back

  11. likethepear says:

    God this is his worst song EVER! Doesn’t even rhyme.

  12. Kaitlin73_Drawings says:

    Wow. I’m personally not a big fan of you, but mad respect Kanye.

  13. Nicks Corvette Stop says:

    As many mindless sheep we have in our country I wouldn’t be surprised if he
    was elected president.

  14. SixxFox says:

    That was one lit “concert”


    I think this is the second celeb who’s ever come out supporting for Trump.
    Up until now, I didn’t like Kanye, but I’ve changed my mind.

  16. LUCY's LIT says:

    Idiotic people at a idiotic person’s concert.

  17. most_ like says:

    what d’ya expect. this dude married the attention whore kim kardashian.
    he is the attention male whore.

  18. ImNotSuk says:

    Worst song ever

  19. The Ball says:

    He would have been better off admitting he was gay

  20. Sean James says:

    So when are you California faggots gonna secede? I’m in the Army and I
    can’t wait to slaughter you liberal fucking faggots! (For all of you
    blithering retards threatening to report me to my unit and get me
    disciplined, pleeeeeeease fucking try it. Lol!!!! I’ll be waiting.) Good
    LORD you mother fuckers are stupid with your 100% bullshit threats.