Kanye West Gets Emotional About ‘Losing My Family’ at Album Release

Kanye West Gets Emotional About ‘Losing My Family’ at Album Release

Kanye West celebrated the release of his 10th studio album, ‘Donda,’ in Atlanta on Thursday. His estranged wife, Kim Kardashian, showed up with their kids to celebrate. Kanye’s old friend, Jay-Z, also showed up as the pair released a surprise collab.

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57 Responses

  1. Manny Duck says:

    To the person reading this: Even though I don’t know you, I wish you the best of what life has to offer 💝

  2. Chloe says:

    I love his whole aesthetic and how it is just him in the middle of a big stage and no distractions! He is so creative!

  3. Lorna McKinney says:

    Divorce, no matter the reason is always sad for those involved. I wish them both the best.

  4. Becky Williams says:

    I can’t imagine how hard the divorce must be for the both of them. Especially with the kids involved.

  5. Kendra Ross says:

    I pray he keep seeking GOD and trust in his walk with JESUS and block out all the negative comments focus on JESUS and not the storm your going through.

  6. Oliver Garrick says:

    I wish all of them the best those kid deserves a happy life like many.

  7. James Wiggins says:

    I was married for 15 years that divorce was the worst feeling ever knowing your family will be divided

    • Henso Akira says:

      @8bit Flea Her trauma surly got triggered

    • Lorrie Chacon says:

      @Cc you wanna pick on someone, come pick on me instead, I’ll tell you my story and then see how you feel, mine was a 17 yr. ordeal where he had a child with my brother’s wife and made fam think different for that 17 yrs. when truths came out, the whole fam was destroyed= 2 families. and gram in the middle. i’m my mom’s only daughter. and now that child grew up and has a child of her own and the both call me auntie. now, your turn.

    • Charlie Sinne says:

      It’s something you never recover from. You will move on but that sense of failure and loss stays with you forever.

    • Cc says:

      @8bit Flea no your the one out here eating cats that have fleas 🤮 get you a girl with no fleas it’s much better i promise 😇

    • Nena Linda says:

      @Cc you don’t have to kick someone who’s already down.

  8. Christie Williams says:

    Overall, I keep saying this…I think Mr. West would be a different person if his mom was here to see his success completely and the journey he took.
    Not that it is any my business.
    Yet I believe that he still is mourning and missing his mother.
    Some years ago, I saw a documentary about Kanye West and his mom was in it. They were really close. He was a different person around her. And he glowed when he was around her. His mother appeared to be proud of Kanye. OK, what is Kanye West 10th album called? There it is. He extremely miss her.

    • Debra Newton says:

      I agree! I been saying the same thing sense the passing of his mother. I know the feeling, he has been different mentally & it has affected him losing his mom. We never know what people going through in their personal life & how they r dealing with it. I pray that God keeps him strong through all the adversities, & keep the faith! God said I will never leave u or forsake u.🙏

    • Rachbe Rachbe says:

      @KRATOS lol…he said it even on one of his conerts that his mother died because of that hollywood shitt

    • Josh Trujillo says:

      @KRATOS it might be disrespectful but its the truth

    • Midori says:

      I say he went off the deep end after his mother passed and the love lock down album came out. He’s brilliant, but unstable.

    • Rachbe Rachbe says:

      @Josh Trujillo preach it

  9. Gina Dean says:

    It helps the kids when they can see their parents can get along.

    • YungDogShyt says:

      @Sebacape as someone who’s parents also had a divorce, It honestly makes it worse.

    • Tiffany Morris says:

      Publicity stunt

    • tuffpie says:

      @Sebacape oh I thought u were saying the opposite lol

    • Sebacape says:

      @tuffpie oops

    • Bee Monique says:

      Sometimes. However, when divorced parents still sleep together and take family trips together, yet are divorced and the kids know it…it definitely sends mixed unhealthy signals. I know of a couple that married and divorced twice…yet, they carry on this way. Plus and usually, it’s often not until one partner meets someone else and gets really serious…the other will finally move on.

  10. Roxy Reyes says:

    You can sense the sadness 🙁

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