Kanye West: In Camera: Live Interview: SHOWstudio

Kanye West: In Camera: Live Interview: SHOWstudio

Live interview with Kanye West by Lou Stoppard on 6 October 2015 at 13:10 BST.

Launched in 2003, ‘In Camera’ introduced a completely new premise to the interview format. Allowing a global online audience – as well as the interviewee’s friends, family and peers – to pose questions answered during a live and unedited broadcast, In Camera offers the unique chance to watch and participate in candid and often revelatory interviews with world-renowned cultural figures.


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20 Responses

  1. ding a ling says:


  2. Top Contender Podcast says:

    I swear this dude says the most stupid shit all the time and I love how his
    “sheep”…sorry i mean fans just buy it. The man says nothing but makes it
    look like he said something and ppl lose their minds. This guy is the
    reason why ppl think we are coons because he sits there and blames all his
    failures on race. No kanye we dont like your shit because it SUCKS!

  3. Videos_by_Peyton says:

    I love Ye but a 58:18- 58:56 was STRESSFUL lmao

  4. Matt Whitmire says:

    I recently witnessed Kanye do the entire 808 and Heartbreak album in full
    at the Hollywood Bowl – My god….the man is so rad and not always cause of
    him specifically, but because the people he brings in to help him create.

  5. Doc James Burton says:

    this man doesnt get tired of saying stupid shit

  6. Raj Patel says:

    is he getting Fat?

  7. Tam Opusunju says:

    Thank you, Kanye.

  8. TheRealOne says:

    You got a 2 hour interview with god himself and couldn’t spring for a
    camera that records above 480p? smfh

  9. Claudio Salas says:

    What part of the interview did he talk about Ian Connor can someone put the
    time please?

  10. Edward Bose says:

    Kanye and I think a lot alike.

  11. Go Smith says:

    Kanye is a genius

  12. Broderick Dumas says:

    13;46 – 13:51

  13. Will Tenenbaum says:

    He looks so happy, young, and bubbly. Marriage is really working for him,
    it’s nice to see.

  14. KLS Films says:


  15. acenday1 says:


  16. J. Elizabeth Tejada says:

    I dont listen to his music or hip-hop at all. But I’ve always said it he is
    smart and well spoken artist. People fail to relize thats his brand. The
    look im angry face is the same as a the bitch resting face. Same for his
    clothing line. Look around pl wear it. It just that his colors are limited.
    I wished people would just take a moment listen. Like he said the beginning
    is all about constructive criticism.

  17. Hino Maru says:

    You can hate him all you want, this guy is a genius #SWISH

  18. Chris says:

    Stopped watching at 3:21. When asked what his greatest contribution to
    creativity was – “The people with money are in power and that’s going to
    change after me and Kim’s lifetime”.. the irony. Are you people in the
    comments brain dead? He’s trolling you.

  19. Sufi Soul says:

    Say what you want.

    But his first few albums – were fucking FIRE!!!

    Lately though, I’m personally not so fond of his music. I think the hunger
    and freedom when he first started isn’t there anymore.

    Songs like “all falls down” and “champion” …were awesome!

  20. Alexander Espinal says:

    He still just seems…crazy. And I still don’t understand his fashion. I
    love Lou though, and this is a great interview.