Kanye West Moment | 2016 Video Music Awards | MTV

Kanye West Moment | 2016 Video Music Awards | MTV

Kanye West talks fame, Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, and influence on the #VMA stage. Check out more at the VMA News Hub: http://www.mtv.com/news/event/vmas/

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20 Responses

  1. Oadevour says:

    oh shit they played the Taylor swift line straight up

  2. LaRusso says:

    He’s on the caine again ?

  3. Cho0segoose says:

    wether or not you like him, he is a legend

  4. MrMOREBEEF says:

    i watched the whole thing and yet have no clue what this guy was talking
    about. strange world

  5. Henry Goodson says:

    God willing this man will lead us in 2020. He is exactly who we need to
    finally defeat the cracker.


    If you hate on Kanye, you obviously don’t understand marketing and
    business. Say what you want about his music wether you like him or not he’s
    a smart man and sells himself well. Every time he says something outlandish
    he breaks the Internet. And when he does he gains 1,000 haters but 10,000
    more fans. He’s just selling himself and he’s doing a good job of it.

  7. Stephanie Nicole says:

    Some people just eat his words up. So glad I’m not a sheep.

  8. Ricardo Esteves says:

    Why are we still giving attention to this fucktard?

  9. Natalie Neale says:

    I also love how everyone shitting all over him is almost a guaranteed
    Taylor swift fan may as well admit it admit you worship taylor. Kim and
    kanye are the only people who have had the balls to chop that snakes head
    off that’s why your mad. and they are still on top despite being cut down
    on the daily by Taylors mean girl army.

  10. Daria says:

    This was kind of genius, not gonna lie. He sounded confident and

  11. probablynot says:

    Kanye haters are so fucking annoying none of you have a legitimate reason
    to hate him

  12. M ca says:

    Still miking the Taylor situation I see..

  13. theidiotfromla says:

    I dont see how you can hate him, he clearly means well. He loves everybody.
    Hes just bad with words

  14. Tyanna Sera says:

    Get the fuck off the stage…

  15. Edgar Fernandez says:

    i honestly dont know who is worse to listen to Kanye or trump


    kanye the drama queen

  17. Mariss Liepa says:

    He’s disgrace of humanity and evolution. He’s one step back, that’s what he

  18. Faye Nicole (Fayenicolex) says:

    The older I get the more I understand him

  19. Yellow Synth says:

    I love Kanye fuck all you band wagon programmed haters

  20. Aissa Sarr says:

    I feel like only Jaden Smith understood Kanye West