Kanye West Shares Empowering Words With Caitlyn | I Am Cait | E!

Kanye West Shares Empowering Words With Caitlyn | I Am Cait | E!

The E! star receives powerful wisdom from Kanye and stepdaughter Kim Kardashian West. Plus, watch Jenner’s family meet Kanye for the first time.

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20 Responses

  1. ExeErdna says:

    +Adronomics shhhhh that didn’t “happen”…

  2. owl316 says:

    both are assholes

  3. twinz2008 says:

    Kanye did not want to make eye contact hahah

  4. DL FATE says:

    It’s not like he was the one who mentioned the shoes right

  5. セスグリーン says:


  6. Mafew Hendricks says:

    i like how kanye gave that half smile during that hug in the beginning, he
    really hate smiling. He probably made his serious look when the camera was
    off him.

  7. James byiringiro says:

    how it feels to stand in whites when u only black, it sucks!!!

  8. Oriakhi Family says:

    11 second in the video and look look what Kanye is doing

  9. Ashley Johansson says:

    +AhmedAliGHZ so people born with diseases trying to cure it is wrong
    because thats how “god created them”??

  10. April Rucker says:

    Girl or boy ha ha

  11. tabbyluvyou says:

    @0.11 sec. Either Kanye Look Freaked or Just a “Omg! i bout to Hug this
    freak and It hugged my Wife”! Look .

  12. findagumara says:

    She doesn’t change her voice :O

  13. msharleyquin says:

    Wtf I accidentally clicked on this and choked on my water

  14. pausa831 says:

    god, obviously there has to be a tv show about it

  15. mrwhopee says:

    +Kevin Rosa deal with it faggot

  16. Ashley Johansson says:

    uh oh, this videos infested with ignorant transphobes. Go read a bible, you
    will like it much better than dealing with “faggots”

  17. Pixel Butthole says:

    Welp, this was easy clickbait. 3 million people wondering if Kanye West
    actually said something worthwhile.

    Disclaimer: He didn’t, keep moving.

  18. mrwhopee says:

    They’re the most evil, brainwashing, distracting family on the planet.
    Bruce should be charged with vehicular manslaughter for killing that
    innocent woman, not given courage awards and reality shows.

  19. Boon Tee says:


  20. Luis Betancourt says: