Kanye West Steams Up … Don’t Ask Me About Wiz Beef!!

Kanye West Steams Up … Don’t Ask Me About Wiz Beef!!

Kanye West went all Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde when the topic of his war with Wiz Khalifa came up just now at LAX.

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20 Responses

  1. Novapain3 says:

    kanye apologizing????? nah that’s a body snatching alien took over his body
    only explanation to why he was apologizing

  2. Duck Days says:

    It’s like they purposly try to get him to break..assholes

  3. Jelly says:

    Kanye is still a dick end of Story!

  4. Emma Hollan says:

    My feelings towards Kanye are very complicated and this is a good example
    of why they are. ?

  5. DFN_KELZ says:

    TMZ sucks ass but I respect Kanye for apologizing even tho he didn’t have

  6. Aly M says:

    I appreciate Kanye for realizing when he gets a little heated and
    apologizes. It shows his true side. Lol

  7. Melissa Smith says:

    kanye is learning to act polite..

  8. Billy Jean says:

    if kanye has learned anything in life its that he can do and say whatever
    the fuck he wants as long as he makes it up.

  9. sifer7 says:

    At the end he was apologizing to wiz too lol it was a double meaning type
    of phrase

  10. Kohl Schaffer says:

    Kanye was in the right in that video..

  11. Rubbing Everything says:


  12. Jeremy G says:

    I remember when beef wasn’t about twitter and paparazzi…

  13. Kennedi Thomas says:

    Yeah … I just love Kanye..

  14. Demonic Hellstorm says:

    He didn’t necessarily steam up, he just got pissed cuz he needed his
    privacy, jeez guys

  15. itsnikobro says:

    Kanye lowkey mad cause Wiz wouldn’t go in the booty hole

  16. Big Papa says:

    Where can I get that hoodie??

  17. jacob smith says:

    He apologized…again…this is a side of Kanye I’ve never seen

  18. Yeferson Turcios says:

    This dude is crazy

  19. Truth says:

    kanye feel guilty from roasting Wiz soul

  20. Alex I says:

    Click bate TMZ you piss Kanye off and he still manages to present himself
    with grace and class