Kanye West throws mic in air at Pan Am Games Toronto

Kanye West throws mic in air at Pan Am Games Toronto

Kanye West gets mad and throws the microphone in the air after the audio cuts out during his performance at the Toronto Pan Am Games 2015

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20 Responses

  1. wilbert rejon says:

    A gay fish

  2. mug mug says:

    Even the mic didn’t like him..

  3. 2- Liter says:

    +Go Home ^^ The funniest thing I have ever read ^^

  4. Rani G says:

    ok why was he mad? i dont get it

  5. Steven Miller says:

    He was probably upset that not everyone was watching him when he got

  6. dougklem says:

    Way to go Toronto, you really know how to host an international sporting

  7. WhoKnew says:

    Only important thing in this video is whether or not he paid for the mic he
    threw away.

  8. PunjaagiTotay says:

    What’s so special about this!

  9. serendipityuk says:

    He still acts like a little boy

  10. fawk cku says:

    So happy that I didn’t work as Security in Pan am. Fuck this guy.

  11. Dalton Brooks says:

    man Kanye West is the biggest dick in the world.

  12. D5quared91 says:

    EVERYONE WHO H8TS ON HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. hani diwan says:

    +rellik187redrum Whats all this hatred about lol

  14. SkerpTop A says:

    Will somebody please publicly assassinate this man already?? I think
    everyone is tired of his shit.

  15. opkill6 says:

    “cause im dope, and I do dope shit”

  16. Daniel Patterson says:


  17. Seymore Craque says:

    Typical menstrual cycle behavior. I love it how the people here aren’t even
    caring about the performance. Lol. 

  18. Bunz eightythree says:

    Hahahaha he’s bitchn about Americans hating on him throwing the race card
    up in the air. Stating hes leaven america, guess canada dont want him
    either. :P

  19. Skull Knight says:

    They cut off the audio on his mic right after he finished his set. And he
    always throws it, its part of his shows. It’s not out of anger. Jeez,
    christ you guys are dumb.

  20. Makaila Holmes says:

    I’m so confused, Kanye did nothing wrong, he always throws his Mic in the