Karen Handel: “I do not support a livable wage”

Karen Handel: “I do not support a livable wage”

Georgia congressional candidates Jon Ossoff and Karen Handel answer economic questions during the WSB-TV 6th District Debate.

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20 Responses

  1. Revatron Prime says:

    why would she say that?

  2. Carlos Herrera says:

    Unbelievable. I came here thinking maybe this quote was circling around twitter taken out of context. But no, this was a non-sense answer about putting corporations before citizens, which should surprise no one since it’s coming from a Republican candidate. I’m glad I have been donating all I can to Ossoff from Florida.

  3. Demauscian says:

    I smell a prefect sound bite to play on repeat.

  4. D Gude says:

    Yep! it is best if you pay workers starvation wages. That way they are too hungry to make any trouble. If they die, they can easily be replaced. Then those wonderful job creators can become rich on the backs of poor people. MAGA!

  5. Gator Highlights says:

    Low wages with a robust economy and low taxes. Given a group of people who believe the world was cast into existence by magic, is it any wonder they cling to this fantasy?

  6. abbyratsolee says:

    Ways of winning a deeply competitive election.

    – NOT THAT

  7. James Mitchem says:

    Yup. That’s probably the biggest difference between liberal and conservative. In today’s world.

  8. Adder's Musical Musings says:

    Well! At least she’s an honest monster.

  9. Encyclopedist says:

    So Republicans t think you should be paid less than you can live on.

  10. Rran Platypus says:

    You gotta give her props for actually saying what many Republicans don’t want you to know they’re saying. It’s a terrible platform to stand behind, but I respect the honesty…

  11. steve N says:

    She’s horrible, and i’m not even a democrat. I really hope that she loses.

  12. Shaheed Malik says:

    Handel: F U, I got mine…My reaction: What?

  13. Eddie T says:

    How are you creating “good paying jobs” if the employees can’t live off them?

  14. s lee says:

    Ossoff is 100 times smarter than her.

  15. Darth Pepe says:

    Low wages means more people need welfare. Nearly as stupid as limiting contraceptives and then complaining about the abortion rate. Nearly.

  16. Adam R says:

    Yes, this is exactly what sets liberals and conservatives apart nowadays. Liberals actually care about the everyday worker in this country and want each one of them to be able to earn enough money to actually survive and support their family. Conservatives only care about the livelihood of corporations and making sure they are free of taxes, employee safety requirements and environmental regulations, under the misguided assumption that companies unhindered by any restraints will suddenly open their arms wide and employee everyone who is unemployed and give them healthy paychecks. That is bullsh*t, especially in a post-recession economy where companies have learned to survive on skeleton crews having one employee do the job that three people used to do.

  17. Mone Sabri says:

    Finally an honest republican

  18. Jake Northrup says:

    I live in the 6th District and I’m doing all I can to make sure Ossoff is victorious!

  19. Pam Richardson says:

    She’s a cunt. I want her and her family to live on minimum wage for 1 month. She won’t be able to do it, she’s too selfish.

  20. Michael Wilson says:

    How are they good paying jobs if it’s not a livable wage? Her answer made no sense.

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