Karl Pilkington Marriage Proposal

Karl Pilkington Marriage Proposal

Karl Pilkington proposed to my girlfriend on Valentine’s day 2015

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20 Responses

  1. Kyle Graham says:


  2. Sir DonaldTrump says:

    How could she say no. Congrats! 

  3. themaypole says:

    Bet Suzanne wasn’t too pleased, he hasn’t asked her to marry him yet and
    how times change, 2002 Ricky was asked on XFM with Karl, now the K Man

  4. BabyPyschedelic says:

    His head has never looked rounder.

    Congratulations :)

  5. Keira Erica says:

    Can someone propose to me this way? It’s just PERFECT

  6. Alan TheArtist Doherty says:

    Why would you click on this then dislike it? Humans make me laugh. Awesome
    ask and thanks for sharing. Hope you have an amazing marriage 😉 All the

  7. allnightdwight says:

    You can really see the roundness of Karl’s head when he looks at the
    camera. You can barely even see his ears

  8. Adam Weishaupt says:

    I don’t think anybody should bother proposing ever again because there is
    no topping this method of doing it.

  9. dohertyz says:

    “i’m not telling you what to do, cuz I don’t know ‘im, alright?” LMFAO

  10. dn3000 says:

    Round headed Legend!!!

  11. The WelshDude says:

    I thank the lord that he gave us Karl Pilkington, I couldn’t stop

  12. John Watson fan says:

    How does this even happen?

  13. JBTW6PLAYS says:


  14. Matty Matt Matt says:

    That’s one way to get a yes, just show her that she could do much worse.
    It’s like the semi-hot chick who goes out with her fat friends because it
    makes her look like a 10 in comparison. 

  15. MINI ROCKER XPRO says:

    Lee why didn’t u just ask her when u was in front of her but I suppose this
    was a unique way of doing this

  16. paul wilson says:

    Only a Manchester lad could do you a favour like that!
    helping and not helping at the same time….lol

  17. SirWaffle says:

    This guy just has to be on I’m a Celeb 2015!

  18. Celynnen Photography says:

    Congratulations! 🙂
    Great idea! Hope she said yes and that you have a fantastic wedding! :)

  19. Duelingbanjos123 says:

    10/10. Would marry.