Karl Pilkington predicts Black Mirror (spoilers)

Karl Pilkington predicts Black Mirror (spoilers)

After watching the finale of Black Mirror’s 4th series, I couldn’t help but notice that Karl Pilkington thought of these insane ideas first.

Charlie Brooker must be a fan of the podcast.

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22 Responses

  1. Cade says:

    How does this have one like?! This is amazing!

  2. Swaganomics says:

    I typed ‘karl pilkington, black mirror’ and this is exactly what I wanted to see. Great job!

  3. Mark Cini says:

    Every Karl Pilkington fan knew right away, so many coincidences! Thanks for a great video.

  4. luke jamieson says:

    morgan freeman says

  5. Lasse Sørensen says:

    just shut up for a moment ricky!

  6. Arda Malkovich says:

    Amazing! Haha

  7. ak187 son says:

    He may be a genius and ricky is dumb

  8. David Aslan says:

    idk when was this reccorded?

  9. Tommy Rodger says:

    Thought all way through watching this episode of black mirror, this was Karl’s idea so glad this video has been made comparing it

  10. Azer Razer says:

    Karl, the smartest man in the room.

  11. N-O-D-E says:

    Charlie Brooker, Karl, Ricky etc probably run in the same circles. They’ll definitely be aware of each others work.

  12. Josh says:

    The greatest love story ever told, set in a head

  13. Enki Merlin says:

    HOLY SHIT!!!

  14. Awesome Catz says:

    The true ramblings of a mental case. Well who’s rambling now? Lol

  15. Matthew B says:

    The first one is based of a short story by Penn Gillette.

    • matt says:

      Matthew B Yeah, Penn said that it’s the first story he ever wrote on a computer, but it was never published until being used in Black Mirror. So at the time Karl must have thought he came up with the idea.

  16. Haley Brown says:

    Absolutely incredible. Karl is a savant 😆

  17. soundefinition me says:

    That fucken laugh…love it

  18. Emin Kerim says:

    I was watching the episode waiting for the guy to start fancying blokes

  19. Art Vandelay says:

    mother fucker

  20. Abd Simsek says:

    This’s on trending #7 Why? : Hangover Youtube.

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