Kasich: Women came out of the kitchen to support me

Kasich: Women came out of the kitchen to support me

Fairfax, VA town hall (2/22/16)

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20 Responses

  1. brady thayer says:

    You’ve got my vote

  2. no thanks says:

    What the fuck is wrong with kitchen? I’m a man and I go to kitchen and cook
    for me and my family. women these days are not only spoiled but fucking
    stupid and rotten inside. They just tend to get hooked right into idiotic
    sexual jokes.

  3. fortyninepages says:

    Dumb as shit millennial bitch probably thinks she struck a big blow for
    feminism. He’s talking about the 70s you stupid WHORE!

  4. Reubensalsa says:

    See I’m an Ohioan and he makes sense to us. Our cities are overwhelmingly
    democrat and the rest of the state is hyper conservative farmers or Amish
    so he must represent both parties as equally as possible. This is why he
    cuts taxes and expanded Medicare and Medicaid. He tries to unite us but the
    tax cuts hurt the rust belt cities, such as Cleveland, and the expansions
    hurt the farmers who can afford to pay the tax. He definitely wont win Ohio
    but he will win his re-election for governor in 2018, cause he is the best
    we got right now.

  5. Seth Portland (Internet Educator) says:

    Lol finally a candidate who knows a woman’s place.

  6. Laura Loo says:


  7. Steve says:

    Is it possible for the GOP to produce one sane, respectful candidate? My
    God this election is an American tragedy.

  8. Lieutenant Rapunzel says:

    Way to cut the video to fit your libtard agenda.

  9. schoolmeal8 says:

    WOW thanks for this upload. hopefully it will be an eye opener. what an

  10. Irene Arinze says:

    Bless the day when iPhone creates the Face Palm Emoji.

  11. Arden Collis-Puro says:

    I hate this country..

  12. Giovanni Gomez says:


  13. Zion Urquidi says:

    LMAO!!!! Savage AF

  14. Slippy says:

    Trying to get the trump vote hahahhahhaha

  15. A Chaps says:

    THUD! This guy can hear the lamentation of de women!

  16. Jacqueline Dailey says:


  17. Stephen McAllister says:

    this guy and Cruz need to drop out.

  18. 467sprite says:

    they felt the burn

  19. Alexander Breems says:

    is a highly desirable skill for a mate to have!

  20. Rory McCabe says:

    What a fucking idiot