Kate Hudson Briefly Dated A 6-Foot-9 Celibate Football Player – CONAN on TBS

Kate Hudson Briefly Dated A 6-Foot-9 Celibate Football Player – CONAN on TBS

On their first and last dinner together, Kate’s date told her that he was waiting until marriage.

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63 Responses

  1. Gracie C. says:

    Looks more and more like Goldie. Especially those facial expressions!

  2. Ti oneSeven says:

    What the hell happened to her head?

  3. Aaaal ! says:

    Good for the football player.

  4. Bulk Bogan says:

    Meh…. I’d still let her sit on my face!

    • MrYouarethecancer says:

      Looks like she’s already had you sit on hers.

    • weird bear says:

      Yes, Bulk but I would have to PUMP THE MOOSCLES first.

    • King Chrollo says:

      DrZaious most men agree that black girls with darker skin than Rihanna are ugly and irrelevant. They’re also really loud and annoying.

    • John Doe says:

      King Chrollo What about the ones who aren’t loud and annoying. I am aware that there are many unruly black women who like to cause trouble, but those are the idiots who only perpetuate that stereotype. For every dumbass black woman who likes to perpetuate these stereotypes, there are about a dozen more who are actually decent and well intentioned. You shouldn’t judge the majority for the actions of the few.

    • Bulk Bogan says:


  5. a0705717 says:

    why in the world would she get a haircut that looks like the rear end of a chicken?

  6. denniszenanywhere says:

    Curious to know. Why do women like tall guys but men in general don’t care about height?

    • saratatas val says:

      denniszenanywhere men usually go after short women wym?

    • Random frog says:

      denniszenanywhere probably because when they were younglings they looked up to their dads.

    • VOID BANKS says:

      Women like to feel safe and secure. Not that short guys cannot provide that, but that would be one of my guesses why a lot of women like tall guys.

    • Child of the Heavenly Father says:

      OneButton Dash- Not even close. Where did you come up with those statistics? Lots of woman state they want a dude they can wear high heels around without being taller than him.

      Another reason some women like a tall man is because of the security factor. They like the feeling of being with a man who is able to protect them.

      Not many woman think about a man’s privates upon meeting him.
      That’s normally dudes who think in that direction. LOL

  7. John Smith says:

    6’9” linebacker – hmm…

  8. Marcelo Souza says:

    way to expose the dude for his beliefs…(i’m an atheist btw)

  9. VanHalenfan5150 says:

    Six nine at a linebacker nope wrong πŸ‘Ž

  10. MertensCW says:

    There are no linebackers that tall. Had to have been a lineman.

  11. guitargeekette says:

    Major props to the dude though. Just saying~

  12. JG33 Boiii says:

    Why tf is this on the trending page.

  13. Lorne Jim says:

    I would suddenly become celibate too if I was on a date with her…yuk

  14. Boban Orlovic says:

    You look like a little boy

  15. Phillip Young says:

    Good for him to wait on Ms. Right. Better than what those other doorknobs are doing…then brag about it.

  16. Izauh Nicholson says:

    The word you’re looking for is abstinent, not celibate.

    • Izauh Nicholson says:

      yeah abstaining from marriage and sex completely, that’s what celibate means.. Not waiting until marriage to have sex. Abstinence refers to refraining from some activity or behavior, including sexual abstinence. AKA waiting for sex until marriage.

    • DareRick Instrumentals says:

      Izauh Nicholson

      That’s why I put a time stamp bud, It’s was due to religious reasons.

    • VOID BANKS says:

      The correct term is Sexual abstinence.

    • Izauh Nicholson says:

      DareRick Instrumentals again, it means never having sex or getting married. Like a catholic priest. The person she is talking about is waiting UNTIL marriage to have sex for religious reasons. Celibate means you never get married. This isn’t a hard concept.

    • Jo King says:

      They’re pretty much interchangeable in modern use.

  17. Random frog says:

    Why is that man wearing a dress?

  18. Child of the Heavenly Father says:

    The football player sounds like an upstanding young man. Great to know there are men and women who have the ability to abstain and want to be chaste for marriage.

    Wish there were more young men and women like this, maybe it would cut down the number of abortions in the world.

  19. Kdubb815 says:

    I’m so sick of the virgin bashing that happens like we’re a joke or not fully human for having the belief in giving yourself sexually to one person. We are constantly mocked in shows or movies like there’s something wrong with us. I mean you’re free to believe and say what you want but it just sucks. Most of it comes from the people who are in the anti-bullying movement and its part of the reason why some people find you hypocritical as well. Maybe we’re all hypocrites but let’s just be nice to each other and not belittle one another. Kate handled it better than most but still, kinda sucks to be talked about like we are a joke. I’m 6’6″ and for some of us tall guys, it’s hard to find a tall woman who also can respect where we’re coming from or share similar values.

    • Jo King says:

      Noncelibate are just insecure about their extra need for maturity, and feel intimidated. Also the majority belittles the minority; a classic defense mechanism.

    • Jo King says:

      Theomite The celibates that I know in real life are completely capable of taking a dirty joke or 3 and dishing them right back. Your speculations of social retardation is laughable at best, and a sad look at your own misguided perspective at worst. These people are some of the most giving and compassionate individuals I know and love communicating with others. Don’t let the bullshit blind you.

    • Kongo Bongo says:

      Theomite again, youre trying to justify making fun of people or dareisay virgin shaming because of youre pre conceived and misinformed biases towards christians in general. Theres also the fact that youre making fun of a virgin’s poor social skills, and saying its okay to not tolerate because…well just because of who they are. This is why its seen as hypocritical. I doubt you would be okay with a person bashing an autistic person because of their lack of social skills, or a germaphobe for not wanting to shake a hand, but its okay to do it if they havent been diagnosed by a doctor yet….theyre just loser virgins right? Not wanting to shake hands because of an irrational fear of germs…thats tolerable and not okay to make fun of. An autistic person…not okay to make fun of. A virgin who had the same hangups, but due to their lack of social development in the dating game…well thats not tolerable and emotionally immature, so its okay to make fun of them.

    • Tadeo says:

      Awww poor you!!! Are you ok?

  20. Kristen berer says:

    Let’s be honest. The virgin dodged the STD bullet with a side of mentally unstable

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