Kate McKinnon Breaks Down Her Rudy Giuliani Impression

Kate McKinnon Breaks Down Her Rudy Giuliani Impression

Kate McKinnon chats with Jimmy about her fifth Emmy nomination for Saturday Night Live, the “dirty” engravings Leslie Jones likes to put on the Tiffany frames she gifts to people and the origin of her Rudy Giuliani impression.

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Kate McKinnon Breaks Down Her Rudy Giuliani Impression


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51 Responses

  1. Golden 47 says:

    Best *Hillary Clinton* ever. Better than the one that’s married to Bill

  2. Sleepy .Time says:

    how does such a pretty girl manage to impersonate such creepy men so well

  3. prathamesh deshpande says:

    Kate is high

  4. Lamin Bee says:

    I Wish Kate Had An Instagram Account Her Page Would Be So Much Fun🤣❤️

  5. Sanna says:

    Kate is so beautiful 😍

  6. Shaylin says:

    She’s such a gem!

  7. Kizzapaige says:

    Kate encompasses every single emotion at once

  8. Amin Biglary says:

    kate is the best!!!

  9. STONEMATT says:

    She plays the same character in every movie

  10. the baus says:

    That fake laugh is too much to bear. I can’t finish these clips bc they make me feel uncomfortable

    • the baus says:

      Loves Life and Laughs bye, lots of ppl don’t. No real loss.

    • some body says:

      You stupid

    • kentuckycountrygirl says:

      avidadolares My thoughts exactly

    • The Devils Advocate says:

      I miss Jay Leno and the old school Tonight Show. It was more witty/ngaf and classy. Now it’s stupid-funny/fake and childish. I wish they at least kept Headlines instead of the shallow games they make the guests play. Fallon survives by having the fanciest, flashiest and “coolest” guests instead of focusing more on content. And their networks foolish initial decision to disregard the older generation in favour of the newer and younger has doubly backfired now because not only has the older gen switched to Colbert but so have the Millennials, albeit more gradually, after Trump became Prez and millennials became more influenced by and drawn into politics. Now Colbert is not only King of overall late night ratings, but has now become on par with Fallon regarding favorability amongst the coveted younger demographic viewers. Sooner or later, the Tonight Show will be completely dethroned.

    • some body says:

      It’s his real laugh idiot. You’re so weak minded if a laugh gets to you.

  11. Coburgly says:

    There is an odd kind of satisfaction watching videos right when they have been released. It’s almost as if one has won a race that no-one was running for. I’ll still take it.

  12. Dremák Gergely says:

    I see Kate McKinnon, I lik…..OH is that Gillian Anderson.

    • Oopss7 says:

      Dremák Gergely they look nothing alike, though
      I don’t get it
      Kate McKinnon is hot

    • Dremák Gergely says:

      5:17 , I see you watched the whole thing.
      Btw I think that was Kate’s initial reactin when she met Gillian(or something similar). I heard she is a big fan of hers becouse of X-files,

  13. RJ Long says:

    The way she talks, shed be easy for someone to do an impression on HER

  14. YOUR MOM says:

    She’s beautiful, she is not trying to look pretty for anyone, girls usually worry how they laugh, what faces they make. She is so pretty and she doesn’t think she is, which makes prettier. I love her!!.

  15. AsciiGDL says:

    Jillian Anderson replaying her role as “Pegasus” from the Jhonny English movies 😛

  16. Lemon says:

    Kate in this pink suit reminds me of Cate Blanchett & Sarah Paulson pink suits they wore on Ellen <3

  17. Usha Thakvani says:

    Has anyone stopped to think that maybe that’s his natural laugh? That’s just the way he laughs when he’s eager for the next question/comment/section. Doesn’t everybody have a half laugh where you genuinely register what the person in front of you is saying but you were JUST thinking of something else that might interest this person also? Cut him some slack guys it’s not an easy job

    • Purple Guy says:

      Usha Thakvani thank you! Everyone else in this comment section are extremely rude and they don’t even know his job! I think he very well deserves his host position. He is such a beautiful person that does so much for other people but just because he has a different laugh, people only think of him as fake when all of that good work he did was not fake.

    • Marcella Reid says:

      Usha Thakvani I agree

    • shan4883 says:

      Exactly, that’s what makes us human. I don’t get it either. Everyone has their days too and he appreciates most of his guests.

  18. Alain Bruno says:

    I like her humour

  19. marim0y says:

    God she’s amazing.

  20. jarauthor says:

    Why are all super talented people super weird.

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