Kate McKinnon Emmy Acceptance Speech

Kate McKinnon Emmy Acceptance Speech

Kate McKinnon Wins Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series
— The silent bit was censored by the network. She said “Jesus christ.”

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20 Responses

  1. Andrea Morín F says:

    She is the most humble and talented person walking on earth, she deserves
    this so much!

  2. Sabina Hermula says:


  3. Roger Fink says:

    Is this the first time an actress has ever won an Emmy for SNL? If so, it’s
    a fitting winner. I love her.

    Edit: I know now Gilda was the first. She had won in a retired category I
    hadn’t realized existed.

  4. tiotito31 says:

    I want to marry Kate McKinnon.

  5. itsgracefromspace says:

    she deserves this so much omg, I think IM CRYING 😭💛

  6. Freida Wang says:

    She’s so adorable and she deserves this so much!!! She is crazy talented
    and an amazing comedian, one of the best out there!!! I’m so happy that she
    won :’) I like legit cried a lil

  7. Bryonie Simon says:

    I’m so happy for her she deserves it so much ❤

  8. Bex is the word says:

    Fantastic xx

  9. paramini08 says:

    her thanks and love to her dad made me emo

  10. Ace Edmonds says:

    I’m so happy she won!!!

  11. Erin Steele says:

    She’s like, the least self-congratulatory person I’ve ever seen. I think a
    lot of Kate McKinnon’s magic comes from the place that she genuinely has no
    idea how amazingly talented she is.

  12. Franco96 GTA says:

    She really deserve this award, and I hope it is just one of many that will

  13. xbutterfliesx says:

    She is so so deserving of this. Congratulations! She is just so humble and
    amazingly talented and just seems like a normal person, still.

    Also, Amy and Tina look like proud, color coded parents.

  14. Dani Silva says:

    cute thing

  15. MovieJunkie ForLife says:

    The best thing about Ghostbusters

  16. Heywood Jablomi says:

    by far the funniest on the show. the alien abduction bit still makes me

  17. Frugal Teq says:

    nice sentiments…some woman is lucky.

  18. Rhianne Mee says:

    I love how Amy is just nodding along like ‘you got this girl’

  19. Bertha Lovejoy says:

    she looks busted af in the thumb nail lol but i love her

  20. SH4D0WXR33CONt1 says:

    Why are using the ugliest thumbnail you could get! She’s so pretty, but
    that thumnail, eww.