Kate Upton Performs “…Baby One More Time” | Lip Sync Battle Preview

Kate Upton Performs “…Baby One More Time” | Lip Sync Battle Preview

Kate Upton is taking Ricky Martin to school with this throwback to the iconic Britney Spears music video for “…Baby One More Time!” Lip Sync Battle airs Thursdays at 10/9c on Spike. Subscribe to Lip Sync Battle: http://bit.ly/17wiz6n

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Lip Sync Battle is back for another season of epic performances from the hottest stars on the planet! Each week, A-list celebrities go toe to toe, syncing contemporary hits and classic tracks, all for the ultimate bragging rights: the title of Lip Sync Battle Champion. Hosted by LL Cool J and Chrissy Teigen.

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20 Responses

  1. HAIRCUT says:

    Ricky Martin was straight for 15 seconds there ?

  2. mike wattie says:

    Im a simple man. I see kate upton, i click like.

  3. Joe Cena says:

    I’m here for two reasons…

  4. HAIRCUT says:

    *Sarcastic tone* Hmm, I wonder what song Ricky Martin did a lip sync for.

  5. Lavai Lover says:

    *That Pose When She Stand up **0:10** Is EVERYTHING!!!!!*

  6. Kevin Black says:

    tbh, I think she could lose this battle

  7. Roddy Rod says:

    I’ll drink to that

  8. MikeSG87 says:

    Ricky Martin standing there with no pants like it’s nothing new

  9. Alin Alex says:

    This is definitely what dreams are made of.

  10. Kitty S says:

    I am a fabulous girl, I see Ricky’s legs and i click LIKE. 🙂

  11. Abbas Ali says:

    Sexy!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤????????

  12. JasonRelaxation says:

    Watched several times for Kate Upton

  13. ThinkLascivious says:

    where is full performance? Link?

  14. DidgeriBen says:

    I wonder how many men around the world are going to jerk off to this when it airs? My guess is a lot.

  15. andimatrus says:

    Man this woman is the reason of global warming… :O

  16. Gabriel Rodrigues says:

    She is vulgar

  17. Kgills says:

    Hey up and coming artist check out my music if you get a chance thank you

  18. brady50429 says:

    bigger off the arrow is on this

  19. TSc Scott says:

    Ricky Martin = beautiful human being.

  20. yellowfaaze2 says:

    I would give up my left thumb

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