Kathy Griffin Begs For Forgiveness for Beheaded Trump Photo | The View

Kathy Griffin Begs For Forgiveness for Beheaded Trump Photo | The View

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20 Responses

  1. Woolful Rebellion says:

    It was disgusting, what an example of respect for our children. We are only a small line away from our children in this country losing ALL respect for adults and after that comes COMPLETE CHAOS.

  2. iloveu85 says:

    That photo is very disturbing.

  3. Woolful Rebellion says:

    Also what our country has seen with ISIS and the horror of beheading opposing forces has just been okayed by an American woman.

  4. Shoba Macintyre says:

    Okay seriously. That’s psycho.

  5. Bailey says:

    It was a publicity stunt pure and simple and it was a huge success…everyone is talking about it!

  6. MeMe O. says:

    I dnt like Trump but that was crossing the line. It was DISTURBING NOT funny at all especially with families that have experienced on that same situations.

  7. Ayveel Robinson says:

    Sorry, but this is revealing of Kathy Griffin’s character. The Billy Bush video was revealing of Trump’s character.

  8. David Snyder says:

    Glad she apologized

  9. LikwidSnake says:

    This is why she will never be Joan Rivers. A.) Joan Rivers wouldn’t do such a hack thing & B.) Joan Rivers would never apologize.

  10. Luis Franco says:

    People need to stop using the “she/he’s a comedian” card.

  11. Yahaira Telleria says:

    Disturbing.. I don’t like him but is disturbing

  12. Castiel Black says:

    Sunny was like I was emailing Whoopi the whole Night
    and Whoopi was like: …………

  13. gypsygirlcrista says:

    He is the President Whoopie, get over it. if someone had treated Obama that way, you would be crying racist.

    update, since people don’t read replies: my comment was in reference to her not saying he’s the president. And I was outraged by the hanging Effigy Of Obama I didn’t vote for either of these presidents. But they are the president and that office require some respect and it bothers me when they refuse to call him the president and act childish in that way. And I think it’s slightly hypocritical that Whoopi wore a t-shirt of him committing suicide and is now calling it not funny

  14. jts1968 says:

    I think the picture was over the top, not denying that. But that being said, where is the right’s anger at the lies Trump spews inspiring hate speech and intolerance which leads directly people being killed. It’s undeniable Trump has brought hate out from under rocks and feeling like it can be perpetrated by his supporters. His lack of direct comments on the terrorist who killed two in Portland is telling. Get off the Griffin debate and start looking at the sickness that is taking hold of a huge portion of Americans.

  15. Edward Paterson says:

    liberals and their allies the Muslims have very similar fantasies

  16. Lefty Kalem says:

    You guys step in it everyday on this show. Not winning any of us over

  17. Jonathan Michael says:

    I find Kathy Griffin offensive. 😒

  18. Pamela Nelsen says:

    Whoopie……I thought you were leaving…why are you still here??

  19. Paula Ford says:

    Ok View why not the outrage for Madonnas horrific comments or Snoop Dogs violent video of him hurting the president? You on the View have caused this sick behavior by bad mouthing our president and administration every single day. Kathy Griffin was disgraceful to do what she did yes but you have all done the same with your words on the show daily over and over. I am furious with this show, it needs to go now.Why all of a sudden does Kathy’s horrific photo shoot horrify you when you all spew hate towards our president daily and with cruelty? I am not buying your unhappiness with Ms. Griffin, it is fake outrage for sure. The View is guilty of inciting this kind of behavior every show!!!!!! The View needs to go now. Sponsors need to pull out now. End the hate ladies.

  20. Pat W says:

    Kathy Griffin holding a decapitated bloody head of Trump…snoop dog portraying an assassination of trump…snoop dog’s nephew stating he wants to pimp the First Lady…madonna stating she has had thoughts of blowing up the White House…these celebrities are neither being funny or entertaining. It’s neither artistic or educational. It is pure evil and hate speech to promote violent ideology against those they disagree with.

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